Sweats when Eating

Anyone else break out in a sweat when they eat? Not spicy foods, just the act of eating seems to trigger it. I thought maybe it was because my BG is rising, or changing, but not sure. It only last a few minutes and seems more pronounced with breakfast.

Google "diabetes and gustatory sweating" - apparently it's a symptom of diabetic neuropathy. (Not sure how I know such an odd thing since I don't experience this myself, but I read it somewhere once.)

Thanks Jen, I just did. Could be the problem and the fact that it’s unusual is par for the course for me and my weird little body!

I'm a type 1 but...yes, i do and I also sweat, badly, when my blood sugars rise fast or sometimes even go above 150's

It happens to me Lilli but usually it's because I didn't eat as scheduled and BG is beginning to fall (75 or lower) due to the energy needed for food preparation or eating. I'll break out into a huge sweat. Once I'm done eating and stay completely still the episode will pass. But sometimes I have a good BG and still have the sweating episodes.

As long as I eat on schedule I'm ok. My maternal grandfather (insulin dep.) was the same way--he was on a strict schedule. His brother (also a diabetic) on the other hand had to eat several small meals a day.

What's strange is that I'm not on any meds or insulin, but I have a history of hypoglycemia. I plan to mention it to my endo when I see in August.

Jen, I didn't know this...I'm going to look it up. I've always wondered and just assumed it was a hypoglycemic episode if I wasn't able to get to my meter.

Thx k

I have reative hypoglycemia too Kate and I know it’s a common symptom of lows, but I don’t notice it as much when low (50s & 60s for me) as when I first start to eat and BG is rapidly climbing. At least its worse at breakfast when no one is usually there to see me fanning myself with the newspaper!

Good to know I’m not the only one Sarah:)

it's horrible..huh? not just a little sweat but sometimes soaking wet. it's how I know my blood sugars are going high without even needing to look at my CGM. I sweat more when eating, going high then I do when I'm low. I sweat a lot during the night, too. And yes, mine is worse at breakfast, too..the minute I wake up, my BG's start to rise and I start sweating.

My brother does this (sweats like he is eating chillie peppers)and one more thing that happens to both of us, our nose starts to run as soon as we start eating. We are both insulin dependent, Mum and Dad have none of these issues and no diabetes.

I have noticed getting warmer after eating. It often results in taking off a layer of clothing to cool off. I didn't know this symptom had a name and was related to diabetes and autonomic neuropathy. It comes and goes and is not intense. I don't sweat, just get warmer.

Yes I have that too, not just with eating. I just got drenched and had palpitations after my brunch today dropping from after brunch 116 to 106! I did not know this was related to neuropathy but I'm sure I have neuropathy. I have also been having night sweats since my late 20's on and off. Lately the sweating is worse again. I had a bad bg day and night yesterday so maybe that is why.

Mine hits me at lunch and dinner. At work everyone this I'm crazy because I have to turn on my personal fan after lunch even in winter because I'm sweating and blotting with paper towels.

Now if I'm not sweating then I'm losing my lunch immediately after eating--rushing to the restroom. It was even worse when I was taking Metformin.

Me and my personal fan. :-)

Shedding clothes, check! I’m about to have breakfast right now and will be taking off my hoodie soon to cool off…

I’m thinking now it happens for many of us with any rapid BG change up or down Meee, and maybe not as uncommon as doctors think. I was having a lot of night sweats too but those are better now that my reactive hypo is better, those for me were definitely from lows. Now I eat VERY low carb dinners and no snacking before bed unless it’s a spoon of peanut butter. Helps curb the reactive lows and the nighttime bathroom trips. Of course as women of a certain age docs usually brush off any sweats as hormone related. Sweats are not the same as hot flashes however, I know from experience, + I’m on bio-identical HRT and that solved that problem years ago. Too bad solving my BG problem hasn’t been so straight forward:(

I’m actually a bit relieved to know it’s not just me John, we need a little personal fan like Kate!

I agree about the changes but 116 to 106 isn't much of a jump.. I expected to be lower or higher with that much sweating. I had all those reasons to sweat too, lol. But I was told when I thought it was the beginning meno that wasn't possible, but it was. I was on hrt for 2 years before dka and it got rid of those sweats which were making my life a living hell, but now after a dvt caused by dka I take it anymore.

I had to google dvt, yikes, bad enough to have a dka event but so glad you survived both!

Yeah, my co-workers used to look at me a little funny sometimes when I had it blasting and the building's A/C is running too...but when I'm sweating buckets I don't care, I just want air to cool off. Now they ignore me. It's a good way to keep drop-ins from overstaying their welcome.