Can Weight Watchers Help Prevent Type 2?

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Where is that “unlike” button. For a study funded by weight watchers this one drops to a new low. And don’t even get met started on “prevent.”


This article is a sham.

First, the title is misleading. Their study showed that Weight Watchers does indeed help you lose weight (duh!). There isn’t even a token or pro forma attempt to demonstrate causation between Weight Watchers and diabetic outcomes.

Second, they rely on the DPP as evidence that the general approach really works. I won’t pick the DPP apart here, Brian has done a pretty good job of it elsewhere. Let’s just say that if the DPP is your standard, your analytical house is built on very loose sand.

This is just more pop woo.

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Two negative reviews but the link has only been accessed once?

Don’t know what you’re looking at, Sam, but it’s giving a false reading. I clicked on it three times just myself. (Browser hiccupped once, and the phone rang also).

I’ve been wondering if that counter doesn’t always work right…

My counter says the link’s been accessed twice.

Mine does now also it only said one and hour ago

Don’t know what algorithm that counter uses, but it doesn’t appear to reflect on-the-ground reality. I clicked on it three times (once after rebooting the PC) and Brian clearly hit it at least once. So that should be a minimum of four hits. Don’t think I trust that counter. Just saying.

I would assume that it would only count each IP address one time, but I’m really not all that well-versed on such things It definitely should’ve said at least two unless Brian read it elsewhere and had not clicked on it

PS - independent studies show that Weight Watchers, on average, helps people keep off 5 pounds over 2 years. So – not even that effective at weight loss, either.

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