Can you go swimming or shower? And more questions

How do you go swimming with the Minimed 722 pump? Their website says that you can splash it but you shouldn’t bathe with it or dunk it in water.
I have an Omnipod now, but I’m having an allergic reaction to the pods. They say it’s the environment living here in North Carolina or something like that. Before I got my Omnipod, I had the Cozmo, which I had for a year and a half. I donated that pump. The Omnipod is definitely more trouble than it’s worth.

I’m thinking about getting the Minimed 722 because I use almost 100 units a day. I don’t go swimming much, but my husband runs a pool business and so we go swimming sometimes. When I was on shots, I used to swim laps.

-How do you go swimming with the minimed?
-How do you shower with it?
-I’ve heard so many bad things about Minimed I hesitate switching to them but they have that pink pump now and a 300 unit reservoir.

I just do a quick disconnect at the site and swim or shower - we swim all the time. Just make sure to reconnect every hour or so and bolus…

Yeah, I just disconnect. Generally swimming laps would enough exercise for me so that I dont need to take insulin, but if I’m just hanging out in the pool, I would just take a break every hour or two and bolus insulin.

Good afternoon, Erika. The answer to both questions is the same: you disconnect the pump at the infusion site and you may cap the insertion set connector if you need (I do not, unless sand and dirt are involved!). If you are going to be sans pump for an extended period, you can do an additional bolus before you remove it. Swimming laps is a high-energy activity, and you probably need to reduce or stop pumping, anyway so going without the pump for an hour or two is probably not an issue. In my case, when I go on a three-hour bike ride, I suspend my 522 before we start and leave it suspended until the ride is almost over. I do check my blood glucose frequently and adjust with carbs as necessary.

Showering is typically a quick activity and I just disconnect it and put it aside until I get dressed.

i never bolus before swimming - i burn enough energy while swimming, even if i go in with a BG of 200+, i’ll drop low.
i also live in NC (Charlotte area) and went from Cozmo to 722 - the thing i really like about the x22 series is the CGM sensor capabilities.
The main thing i don’t like about the paradigm pumps is the sites - minimed hasn’t put money into developing new sites in over 5 years. (Animas is selling something called ADR reservoirs, that work in paradigm pumps, but terminate with a luer-lock connection, so i can use insets again!)

Each Quickset for the minimed contains a separate cap. I do not use it to shower,but, for safety sake, when swimming, I put it on when I take off the line connection. It is very easy to use and it prevents any chemicals or contaminants from getting into my body.

My son has had his Paradigm (the smaller model 522, tho) going on 2 yrs now and we’ve had no problems with the pump or the manufacturer. In fact, Sean’s school nurse has 5 kids in her care with a few different pumps and she likes the Paradigm the best. As for swimming, we disconnect and cap as the others here have said and check Sean’s BG often. I find the activity of swimming generally balances out the lack of basal. Same for showering, we disconnect and cap for a short time. Good luck with your decision.

No, unfortunately that’s unique to the Cozmo. But as long as you know your basal rate for the hour, you could prime or bolus the portion you expect to miss.

I live walking distance from the beach. I have not gone because I forgot what the item is called that I can purchase to keep insulin vials cool. Can anyone remind me. The pump is too expensive to leave on a towell while swimming if I go alone.

a FRIO wallet, perhaps?

That is it! I will put this in my electronic notes that substitute for my brain now.

dis connect. I go swimming at least 3 times a week. don’t really need the extra insulin when I am moving around in the pool. Just connect back every few hours off and bolus the missing basil’s.

but then i will have my $6K pump stolen off my beach towell while i am swimming. No one goes with me. my insurance will not just give me another one.

I disconnect to go swimming and shower and it never posed a problem.

If you don’t want to disconnect for a shower or for swimming (don’t blame you for not leaving the pump on a towel!) just get the AquaPac. You can buy it from the MM store. Then you can wear the pump swimming or showering with no worries.