Day 1 on the Pump

I have been on the pump for 8 hrs now and I love it. Stable blood sugars, was able to bolus at a traffic light(!). BUT the NP forgot to tell me how to disconnect to take a shower. I have the Minimed 522 from Medtronic. Any help before I got to bed tonight? I’m afraid to just tug on the tubing.

I think that when you use small doses via shots, not all the insulin gets in. It will be interesting to see if I need less insulin on the pump.


Welcome to the pumping world, Maria! I’m sure you will learn quickly and really benefit from the pump vs. MDI. Now, to your question: it depends on the kind of infusion set you’re using. if you use the Quick-Set as many MiniMed pumpers do, all you need to do is squeeze the two tabs on each side of the round connection point and rotate the outer ring about 45 degrees counter-clockwise and lift off to remove it. No need to install the cover provided with each infusion set – just be careful not to snag the infusion set while showering. Be sure to reconnect when done: put ring over infusion site and rotate clockwise 45 degrees until it clicks into position.

Most infusion sets have a disconnect mechanism. You may have to read the literature that came with your infusion sets to find the details if you’re using something other than the Quick-Sets. Hope this helps!

Another way to help you knowing how to disconnect may be visiting the medtronic website and /or google the name of your infusion set . Depending on the length of tubing , I am able to take my pump into the showerstall and park it on the ledge . Presently using the SURE-T which only has a 23 " tubing …just too short to turn around , wash the hair etc. , so I disconnect . Prior to pumping I used a total about 27 u daily , since pumping about 22 u daily . Happy Pumping :wink:

Thanks all! Going to the internet yielded nothing but then I looked at the directions that came with my quick-set inserter thing and voila! Gerry’s advice was spot-on.

I think I might have gone low overnight since I remember waking up sweating (but I didn’t fully wake up) and this AM I was at 147. So I’m going to have to adjust my overnight rate i think.

It’s weird to be connected to machinery but I love being free of shots and I love how easy it is to bolus. I’m planning to experiment tomorrow with exercise and see how a temporary basal rate might prevent me from going low.

Thank you for all the help.

Good luck, I wish you the best

I’m glad that pumping is going so well for you. Don’t forget that for most people it takes 4-6 weeks to get all their doses adjusted to perfection so don’t get discouraged if you have trouble during that period.
You made a good point about receiving less insulin on MDI with small doses. I take considerably less insulin on the pump for many reasons, but I think you are absolutely right about that.
As for showering and disconnecting, like you said Gerry was spot on. Like he said you don’t have to attach the safeguard for showering, but I do it anyway.

I must apologize for misdirecting you Maria …nothing I found either by googling about disconnecting …well what do I know ?! Others will be able to guide you .
I am having a frustrating night and morning …numbers higher than I like …was kind of OK , while I did my 12 K 1/2 Marathon training to be just under 180 at the start.; usually put on temp basal one hour prior till one hour after completion : 45 percent …was NOT unneccassery ( sp ?) this morning ; did a complete set change and numbers still haywire …it is extremely HOT here in BC, Canada … I may need a fresh bottle of insulin from the fridge next.

Day 3 and loving pumping. Good numbers, feeling “level”, like my old self.

It takes me a little longer to get dressed in the AM, thinking “Where am I going to wear my pump today?” LOL We’ll see how changing the infusion set goes tomorrow…

Thanks for the reminder that it might take some time to get the doses right.

Thanks for all the encouragement too. I’m so happy with this so far that I don’t even mind telling people that I’m a cyborg (what my husband says the pump makes me).

:slight_smile: Maria

That was the answer …new bottle …with this heat wave I will keep the in-use insulin bottle in the fridge