Can You Wear An OmniPod On Your Back?

I have yet tried wearing my pod on my abdomen. But would it be possible to wear it on the fatty parts of my back? One time I tried putting it around the back of my love handle, but it fell off when i sat down. but i was wondering more like the upper part of back.

I don't know what the official answer is but it should go any where there is fat! I usually wear it on my upper butt, below the belt. Never seen and usually has no problem staying put.

I agree the lower back/love handle spot can be annoying and uncomfortable. Not sure how high it should go cuz there’s less fat up there.

I wear mine right above my waistband of my pants on my back. The trick I have learned is to stretch my back muscles when inserting. Also I have seen people wear them between there shoulder blades or guys wear them on their pecs. I never wear mine on my stomach. Love my arms and hip area.

I put mine on my back a few inches below the bra strap area. Never had a problem as long as there is a little fat there!!

My favorite spot is just below the waistline of my pants.

x2, a few inches above my waistband is my favorite spot, any lower and I notice it too much.

I have worn mine a little higher then the love handle it works but it wasn`t a very comfortable spot for me, not horrible but I`m not a fan.

Definitely! I love wearing it on my back!
I have four spots -- higher (just below bra) and lower (just above waistband) on either side. You'll definitely want to wear it to the side so it's not uncomfortable when you're sitting.
And just be careful of slat-back chairs!! They can rip it right off!

OK...for those of you wearing it on your you sleep on your back? Do you lay on the pod? I sleep on my back and sides and so haven't tried those areas (which is limiting me alot!).

I sleep on my side and it hasn't bothered me when I wear it on my back. Sometimes the arm placement will, though! But then I usually just flip the other side. : )