Pod Locations

My favorite place for the pod is the abdomen. It annoys me on my lower back as I feel it everytime I sit on a chair. Where do other people put their pods. Eventually, I might run out of space on my abdomen. I haven’t tried upper leg or back of arm yet. Any thoughts about good/bad locations?

Good morning Rich! I use my abdomen quite a bit as well, but also like to use my arms and my upper inner thigh. I get really good absorbtion there and it doesn’t seem to get in the way. I have put them really high on my abdomen (about 3-4 inches under my chest) and that works quite well. I have also used my back/upper butt area and as long as I dont have it too close to my sides, its not too bad. Takes some getting used to sleeping though if you sleep on your back.

I was concerned about using my abdomen alot as well and my trainer told me to turn the pod around. So if its on the right side and the window is toward your belly button, next time you put it there, turn it around so the window is facing the other way :o) Got to love options! Have a great day and good luck!

The back of the upper arm is a huge favorite for a lot of people.

My favorite place is actually just under half way up my back, towards the sides. It seems out of the way of most things and I don’t really notice it even when sleeping on my back. The upper arm is also a great place but it took me a long time to find the best spots (it really does need to be in the back (not just the side) and I’ve found it’s most comfortable closer to the shoulder. I know there are some more exotic options out there that some have tried (chest, calf, etc.) so hopefully they’ll chime in with some advice.

I am a visual person and would love to see pictures of where people put their pods!!

I agree with Rebecca … I love the middle to upper part of my back towards the sides. I usually forget I’m wearing the pod when it’s there. I also love using the backs of my upper arms. I am just trying out the front part of my upper legs and I’ve had good numbers there. Surprisingly one of my favorite spots is on the upper part of my bum, though it does present a problem with some clothing. (If you try that location I would recommend taking note of the waistband of your pants!)

My favorite place is on my abdomen. On my upper butt it bothers me when I sleep on my back and when I wear jeans. I’ve tried the back of my arm the also bothers me.

I found the side of the thigh didn’t bother me, especially in jeans or sleep pants, but since it’s summer I have to be careful in shirts, also when I sleep I have to be more careful no natter where I put it.


I’m an avid cyclist and by far the best place for me is the back of my arms almost exclusively. If on the abdomen, the motion of pedaling tends to cause irritation on the Pod site so it’s my least favorite. Also, my abdomen has a lot of scar tissue from 12 years of using a different pump with the tube attached.

I have tried the lower back/upper butt and found it to be in the way. I haven’t tried the thigh but again, with cycling and full body workouts, probably not feasible. I get the best absorbtion on the back of the arm.

The location is very much a personal preference. Just like most variables associated with T1’s, it’s different for everyone and you have to find what works for you. And as with us T1’s, just when you think you have it nailed the variables change again.

Good luck Rich. I do really like the Omnipod…been a huge improvement in quality of life for me.

My daughter also uses the back of her arm. Insulin delivery seems to be very effective on the arm. She likes her tummy too.

I like to rotate my pods from the back of my arms to my flanks. I love the backs of my arms, and I get great results w/ the flank area as well. I’ve gone as high on my back as to put the majority of the pod over my rib cage where just the canula section “hangs off” the inferior edge, into the fleshy part. It works pretty good but I would say that spot may not be for everyone.
I have tried the calf before, but I’m pretty muscular on my calf and while it didn’t hurt, I didn’t get great absorption there. I’ve tried the medial side of my thigh as well, but I’m a cyclist and have pretty large muscles there, so I never had great results (either discomfort or absorption problems the couple of times I’ve tried).

I tried a new spot on the anterior side of my arm yesterday morning. I don’t have a lot of fat on that section of my arm, but there’s a “sweet spot” that I’ve been contemplating…I put the canula between the inferiolateral side of the anterior delt, and one of the heads of my bicep. Here’s a pic:

So far it's been great actually! It's a different feeling than what I usually feel (or don't feel, actually) on the back of my arm. I haven't had any absorption issues, and I didn't have any issues sleeping w/ it there last night. So far so good :-) Good luck w/ finding spots that work for you!