Where do you wear yours?

1st time poster here!
I just got my Omnipod last week and am loving it so far! I’m just curious where everyone wears theirs. I first put it on my lower back but it bugged me a little bit when I drive so now I put it on my arm and I keep hitting it on the walls,etc. (yes i’m a cluts!) Just trying to find out what the best spot is.
I also have trouble getting the sticky off of it when I change the pod. All of this i’m willing to deal with not to have to take 6 shots per day!
Thanks for all of your posts!

Right and left abdomen, right and left inner thigh.

Still looking for the right spot. I just started on the Pod 2 weeks ago. So far I’ve used my abdomen, arm, and lower back. I like you find the lower back a bit of a pain, so I’ll continue the search. Let us know what you find that works for you. Good Luck.

I just started the Omnipod last week. So far my preference is my lower back. I’ve worn the pod on my back and my stomach. The problem with the stomach, for me, is that 38 years of injections with the last 20 being exclusively on the stomach leads to too much scar tissue which adversely effects the absorption rate. In addition to my back I plan on using the backs of my arms. Maybe in a year or so I can go back to using the stomach in rotation.

I really like wearing it on my abdomen.

I’ve been using the OmniPod for about a year and a half, and the entire time I’ve used my lower back. I switch sides every 3 days and reverse the orientation. My husband helps me place it since it’s difficult to see. The key is to pinch up the skin when it’s inserting, otherwise it can be uncomfortable. Also, I’ve found that it’s best to be sitting down with your back straight during the insertion - this way your skin is stretched out more than it would be if you were standing. I love that it’s out of sight and I’m careful that it doesn’t interfere with my clothing at all.

Try on your upper back. Some of us have a good bit of padding on our backit works good. I drive about 9hrs a day.I have also put it on my upper outside of my leg. was a little unconfortable! Put one on my inner part of my leg & knocked it off! I sleep with a body cushion between my knees! Good luck!

I’ve been on the Omnipod for a little over 2 years now and I find that I like having it on my arms the best. I alternate arms and often times i don’t can’t even remember which arm it is on. I end up waving the PDM in front of me until it beeps.