Cancer and diabetes

I recently found out that one of my friends and diabetes support person has cancer. It broke my heart. Now, she is dealing with both cancer and diabetes. I can't even imagine how hard that has to be on her.

She was the person who encouraged me to ask my doctor for help. And I did. And I got treatment for the diabulimia. Even though I am struggling, I still believe that she saved my life. I never told her any of this though. And I don't know if I should? She has helped me time and time again try to get myself back on track, and I always did so for awhile. I feel like I owe her a lot.

My heart is breaking and I feel so selfish for only thinking about myself lately. I forget how much the ED affects other people around me. Maybe this will give me some hope to get back on the right track.

definitely go tell her how much she's helped you. sure that will be a big boost for her. wishing you and your friend well!

hi Michelle, sorry to hear this terrible news. Please feel free to join our Group here,

Brian started it, he had colon cancer and went through all the chemo etc, and he's type1. I think he recently got married. really nice guy, I'm going to check on him. also nel, frequest visitor to TuDiabetes, had breast cancer and beat it. tell your friend to join us.

Your friend would be thrilled to know she saved your life & is important to you. Why not tell her you feel you owe her & are grateful for her support?

I agree with Gerri. I think it would mean a lot to her if you let her know. :) Maybe even a nice card, or something.

I agree with Joe_h. You should go tell her it will give her the boost she will need.