Hi everyone, I’m in need of support. I’ve had a lot of stress over the last 6 months . My sister was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. My a1c went from 6.9 to 9.5. I stopped testing and using my pump correctly. I started doing better this week and I saw my nurse last week and I’m going back to see her on the 4 th. what I’m asking for is encouragement and support. I know what I need to do but just need the support to do it!

Hi renka,

I'm so sorry to read about your sister's terrible diagnosis. It sounds like despite that you're on the road to getting your diabetes back into better control, huh? Good for you! Are you starting to test more often again? I'm cheering you on to do that!

Good luck, my friend. It's great that you're here and reaching out for the support you need! You can do it!

Hi Renka, I'm so sorry also about your sister, my prayers to you both. Don't give up hope because you never know what will happen. I'm glad that you have started testing again, that is the first step to getting back to what you need to do. I hope that soon you'll be on the road back to better care/control and I know stress is the most difficult thing for us to manage while also trying to manage daily control of our bg. Please know that we are here for you.<3

hi renka we are all here to help you
join our chat room where we all help each other & also laugh with each other
love & peace

Renka - I am so, so sorry to hear about your sister's diagnosis. I can't pretend to understand what that feels like, but certainly seems like a valid distraction that could lead to letting the daily rigors of diabetes care get away from you.

It sounds like you are taking all the right steps to get back on track in that regard. Take it one bg at a time. We are here to support you. I agree with Emily - you can do this!

Thanks everyone!

Renka, I haven't seen you in ages in the chat room and now I understand why. I am so sorry about your sister. I know what worry can do and I will keep you and her in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of you !