Diabetes or Cancer?

I’m supposed to be on holidays - but we got a call the first night at our hotel room - and it set the ball in motion that we came back home - toot sweet. My friends daughter Jenna, only 17, who has been battling cancer for the past two years passed away - she was such a trooper. Anyway, no snippet like I usually do for introducing my ramblings from my noggin’ this time - just click on the link below - and you’ll be able to read about this courageous girl …

Cancer or Diabetes?

Anna from Montreal

I am so sorry, I was touched to read her bio and her tough road during the last months that mom posted. Please give her a big hug for me, and tell them friends from afar are thinking of them and praying for them and for you.

God bless, Anna.

What an overwhelming loss…I’m SO very sorry Anna. How absolutely heart wrenching for her parents…I can’t begin to grasp their loss.
I pray for relief in their grief…for peace. That God in His infinite mercy, bring them comfort in the knowledge that their beautiful child is being held, finally free of pain, in His loving arms.

My heart breaks for Jenna, her Parents, Family and Friends. Something this horrible should not happen to a Person, definitely not a Sweet Child. That is Very Nice of you to have been willing to trade your Life for hers, Anna. If I understood your words correctly.

God Bless this Lovely young Woman and may her Parents and Family eventually find peace by the Love and countless Good memories of their Daughter during her young Life. My Deepest Sympathies.

I read the blog, Anna. So sad and such a courageous girl. Tears.

Anna, You are a true friend to give up a vacation/holiday to help this grieving family. Dont forget to take care of yourself while you grieve. Stress makes our blood sugars spike so you need to stay well. You helped me more then you will ever know with my “kicked out of the pool” problems. I am here for you as well.
Shipaddict (Veni)

Sad, sad, sad …children should be outliving their parents, not the other way around Anna .Thank you for letting our diabetes community know. Love and peace to all …N.

So beautifull…so young…so sad… My prayers are with her and her family.

So far, I’m not being effected as badly as Jenna’s parents / family are - but it still hurts alot. We’re thinking of naming our next sailboat after her. Anyway, we are heading off to Ottawa for a few days to spend time with everyone - and have a kick ■■■ send off for Jenna. It’s the way she would have liked it!!!
Shipaddict - thanks for your words. So far, BG’s are doing great. I seem to have a handle on those sneaky stress bugs - but I’m always prepared incase I have to increase the basal rate to make up for it!
Take care everyone - and I’ll pass all your thoughts onto Jenna’s family - they will really appreciate your words.