Cancer-linked weed killer found in breakfast foods

This is not a recall, but let’s use it as a HEADS UP!!!

There is no evidence that glyphosate causes cancer.

It seems new studies show it does…

I think this is just typical media fearmongering. Day 1 Jury awards man millions in glysophate/cancer trial. Day 2 Headline: OMG cancer-linked glyphosate in your child’s cereal!

There’s no compelling evidence that glyphosate causes cancer. Roundup’s been used since the 70s and most cancer incident rates have been falling since then.
The case you linked that made big news the other day involves a groundskeeper who said he got Hodgkin’s Lymphoma from “heavy contact” with Roundup - not from eating cereal.

This struck me as a little bit odd. I guess the ones with the marshmallows is safe. Bolus up! :yum:


Marshmallows do not contain oats, so they were not tested.

There is not enough evidence to state that it does NOT cause cancer.

Read more about oat/RoundUp (weed killer) contamination from the direct source. EWG’s concern is about potentially unsafe levels found in cereals most often consumed by children. I am concerned that Round Up (off label use) is being used to hurry the ripening process of just not oats, but other grain crops just before harvest.

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Honey Nut Cheerios has carcinogens in it.