Cannabis & diabetes

what do u think? i used to smoke prior to diagnosis…i fell it cannot be too bad…anyone has tried?

In the non-diabetic, cannabis drops the blood glucose. Studies are very few, but in one, the diabetic patient was self reporting he felt he had high BG. In fact, the BG was falling rapidly. This was after a meal. Actual grams of carbs consumed were not reported. The dose of cannabis was 1 gram with a rapid fall of 40 mg/dl when it should have been rising due to the meal.
No one wants to research it for fear of untreatable consequences.
Aggravation of BG swings are not good in any diabetic. :slight_smile: Cheers!

I feel it is better for you than alcohol or smoking cigarettes. And they are legal. I do not smoke so don’t go thinking I am defensive. Yep use to and my blood sugars were better than they ever were. I actually got off all my meds. But I had a baby and quit and had to go back on everything. I even had a few Dr.'s that told my mom in law that it help her neuropathy pain. Plus most don’t want to go out and drive and get in trouble, they actually want to kick back and relax. It is the drunks that do that. Again nope do not smoke it and don’t want to. I don’t drink or smoke ciggs either. Just my personal opinion and if yours is different than that is ok to.

Haven’t used it in years or since I was diagnosed. I don’t believe it will directly affect one’s diabetes but there are two reasons I can think of that would making using cannabis a bad idea:

  1. Feeling you’re BG is high when it’s actually low (see comment above), and
  2. Munchies.


i read a very good article on the effects of alcohol in comparison to cannabis, and that small amounts of cannabis arent damaging in terms of diabetes a tall hope this helped :slight_smile:

To answer your question I really don’t think it would effect your BG at all. If it dropped my BG every time I smoked I wouldn’t have been diagnosed LOL.
I am a avid smoker, 4-6 times a day and not ashamed to admit it.
Dave - I am sorry but only time you would get weed laced with other drugs are.

  1. You smoke it that way.
  2. You bought it from a shady ■■■ dealer who didn’t tell you.
    Also you don’t think there are chemicals in fruits and vegis we eat?
    I love living in California legal weed… High quality too.

Not if know who you buy it from.

well we eat lots of plants dill sage ect so i believe it wouldnt have much of an effect and about the alcohol? man made alcohol ! god made plants who do you trust?

So after about 60% of my posts got deleted because of the fact my posts was not, as the admins put it "PG-13"
I will say this…

You are entitled to your opinion BUT why are you preaching your beliefs onto other people? Saying it’s “far more dangerous than cigarettes” when you don’t even have HALF the facts straight. I think people who use cannabis know the side effects and risks involved. Same with any other medication out there rather it be something simple as Advil to the people taking Metformin. You know what the difference between a big pharmaceutical giant and in your words “dealers” are? The big guys are paying off the government. Check the ingredients in Oxycontin, Vicodin, ect… ALL has big time narcotics in them. Lastly you comparing a DUI to someone blazed is pretty crazy. Just curious have you ever been under the influence of both alcohol and cannabis at one point in time?

To the admins my bad for not thinking of the youngins =p

Just curious, is it legal in Spain?

I doubt it. Only 100% legal place without any prescriptions is Amsterdam.

Loved Amsterdam!

Just like alcohol, biggest short term concerns is controlling BG when you are in an altered state. Mistakes in judgment can be deadly.

In all seriousness, I would ask my doctor. I have family in the medical field and they deal with questions like this everyday. Hopefully, you have a doctor that will give you an honest answer and not just cover their A$$, which is exactly what they did when I asked about alcohol.

I’ll leave the legal and moral discussions for everyone else.

the problem is, of course, the munchies.
it can be difficult to differentiate among munchies and falling blood sugar-- or in some cases rising, but generally the problem is to separate munchies from falling blood sugar.

The best I can tell, it doesn’t affect the body negatively-- the simple act of smoking some cannabis. Perhaps there are some fleeting issues with oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange, and perhaps a tiny amount of temporary impairment of blood flow to the extremities, but it certainly is nowhere near as harmful as tobacco.

And as a type one, you have to be very careful with alcohol. Liquor will make your blood sugar drop, sometimes rapidly. Wine and beer seem to have enough plain calories to offset the drop that the alcohol tends to produce, but you need to be very, very careful with hard liquor…

Of course you should not be impaired in any way if you are going to drive, or use power equipment, or anything which has inherent danger.

It has crossed my mind to wonder if perhaps the munchies are a result of a drop in blood sugar produced by the cannabis. I have never quantified this drop-- and some cannabis seems to produce far more ‘munchies’ than others. I have read some about cannabis lowering blood sugar-- but I have never seen the hard data.

In all of the issues with blood sugar, you need to let your blood sugar meter be your bosom buddy.
Mike Kemp

Thx a lot guys! I expected some answers but not so many and so fast! THXXXXX

Well, someone aske if in Spain is legal: of course not but here is very very tolerated, almost 50% people below 40 smokes quite regularly (my calculations but i feel i am being accurate) , the only places where it is legal in europe are Amsterdam and Copenhagen (Cristiania)

Dave, i am sorry but pesticides as a reason not to smoke???NO sorry, that,s a bit too much i am not going to worry about everything in life because i will go crazy…

Munchies? Mmmm this could be a real problem but i feel it is matter of willpower, i can smoke and dont eat…:slight_smile:

Feeling high when low? At the moment this is the scariest reason i can see, it is true that you can be misguided by hash (or weed) side effects but i test regularly so i can avoide having problem with this (i hope)

Thx again guys if you see any other problem with this pls let me know

my opinion:
i have been a t1 diabetic for 13 years. 4 years of that was spent at a liberal arts university majoring in art and writing. guess what i spent my free time doing?

pot never had an effect on my bloodsugars unless i got into the munchies and overate without bolusing properly.

however, liquor was a far worse nemesis. lots of simple sugars + being nauseous afterwards = not eating and quick drops.

i won’t go around advocating anything. period. even cough medicine can be dangerous to bloodsugars in a t1 diabetic. but i think making smart preparations and knowing your tolerance for substances/drinks is critical… and of course, if you are dead-set on smoking… make SURE you know who you’re getting your stuff from.

hmm smoking weed, something i never really want to do again! At first i didn’t feel it, and then i was going through one of my rebel diabetic days… and i skipped eating, smoked weed, and then felt incredibly naesous and low. I could barely stand up without wanting to throw up, but i made myself something to eat in between nasouia. Then one time my face went numb. Then i figured out the friends i had around only want to egg me to do more but they never wanted to go out and do things. So i have no idea how it affects your sugar but i felt pretty dumb doing it anyway. Plus the smell is HORRIBLE, and smoking it hurts my throat, and when you cough and your throat burns a drink (like water, soda) won’t make it better. I don’t care if they legalize it (hey tax it and give us the cure), but i definitely won’t be supporting it.

i agree, you would never get your insulin from a dealer on the street right, not without knowing where it came from