Cannula and arm placement

We are having a very difficult time with the cannula coming out when my son wears the pod on his arm. He has only been on the omnipod for almost 2 weeks and the cannula has come out 3 times (actually bent once and came out twice). We followed all the directions our trainer told us but it still doesn’t seem to work. This is his favorite place to wear the pod too. All 3 times this happened was after he played volleyball. He wears it on his left arm and hits mainly with his right. We put the self adhesive tape over the pod which keeps the pod on nicely but not the cannula in. Any advice?

Well I’ll reply just to get things started. Swinging a bat is going to put a lot of stress on the adhesive. Some people have suggested wrapping an ace bandage or something similar around the pod to give it more security and stability. I know that it may look wierd or something, but I think you could pull it off without making things look too out of place.

Do you place it cannula up, or cannula down? I have more success with it sticking and with the cannula remaining in tact for the full three days if I place the pod face down, so that the cannula points towards my elbow. I have trouble seeing the cannula this way, but if I am ever in doubt or worried about it I have my roommate look at it. My other two cents would be not to give up on the pod just yet. It really is a great system, and while every pump has pros and cons, I think the pros are much greater than the cons with the omnipod :slight_smile:

Not sure if you do this already, but when inserting the cannula, pinch up the skin around the insertion area to make sure the cannula is in real nice…

I too have had some problems with the cannula in my arm. This so far has helped out…

Do you mainly have trouble with your arm? He doesn’t seem to have as much trouble with his stomach and back. I am going to ask our trainer to put his next one on his arm when she comes for his follow up and see if I can figure out what we are doing wrong. I agree, terribly frustrating!!

Is he younger? I am 16 and pretty muscular, but I still find places on my arms to put it, and have never had a problem. You also don’t want to put it close to the elbow, which I have done, because there is no fat there, and it is right on the muscle.

He is almost 16 and very active. Since he has had the omnipod, he has been playing volleyball almost every day.