Pod Placement

I know this is going to sound dumb,maybe. But I prefer to ask end users instead of trusting someone that only knows how to do things from a book. Where is a good place to put your pod?? I just tried putting it on my thigh and when I bent over it pulled right off (I shaved a nice clean spot for it to stick to,too). And when I try to put the pod on the left side of my stomach it never seems to work there for the full 2 days. The pod only seems to work on my right side. This morning the pod malfunctioned on my left side. I haven't tried the back of my arms yet. Any suggestions??

See it just works on the right side of my stomach for some reason. Like I said before, today the pod malfunctioned on the left side after I just put it on last night. I don't know if it's cause I might sleep on it different or what. I guess I'll have to try my arm next.

I don't think there is any one place that works for everyone. Personally, I have had the best results placing the pod on my upper arm, side and front. I haven't tried the back of my arm. Abdomen sometimes has worked out okay too. Thighs were the same, mixed results. I would also be curious what others have experienced.

Did you stretch the skin as you were placing on your thigh? My son likes the front of the thigh and through all of his 10 year old playing, it seems to work well for him. Backs of his arms (cannula down) work well too. We have found that not just placement, but which direction the cannula is pointing makes a big difference for him. Cannula down on thighs and arms is routinely longer lasting. Good luck!

I noramlly use my arms. I had issues with the pods on my stomach area, just due to my line of work in construction, alot of bending down, so ont to good. I have had little to no issues with my arms. I also use what I call my back up system for adhesion, because I can tend to perspire alot in the summer. I use Skin Tac liquid adhesion, and Keniso Tape, and have not ahd any come off and I ahve been a pod user now for a year and a half.

I used my stomach for the first 4 years of the pod and recently just re-tried my back - I love it there. I generally place is just above the waist of my pants and have very few problems.

I've had to avoid my stomach for the time being as that was my preferred injection site while I was on MDI so the absorption was pretty bad. Right now I prefer my arms and thighs and use the IV3000 to keep it in place. I've only ripped off a few pods, door frames and car doors are not very pod-friendly ;o).

I rotate 4 spots: the outside of each upper thigh & the outside of each upperarm.

I generally use both arms, both sides of my abdomen and both thighs. As far as comfort goes, my order is arms, thighs, abdomen. That is a bit ironic because when I was on MDI I used the same sites but really did not care for my arms as a site. For whatever reason any pod failure I have had has been on my thigh though. It does not seem to matter where on my thigh, upper middle, more inside more outside. I will try what one of the other readers said as far as pointing the canula down. I've always had it facing up so far. If you use your abdomen, keep your seatbelt in mind. I never lost a pod because of it, but it was a bit uncomfortable for 3 days when driving. My abdomen is probably the least comortable for me. I just tend to notice it more and when I remove it my skin gets very red. I use the UniSolve which helps a little. I don't notice this anywhere else. I rotate differnt site, different side. Right thigh, left arm, right ab., left thigh, ... That tends to help a bit with sleeping, as I dont like laying directly on a pod, even though you can. Good Luck!


i mostly use the side of my thigh, back of my arms, my abs, and the upper part of my butt.

i normally knock it off when on the back of my arm. but it works well there when it's stuck there

i have heard some people putting it under the breast (men) . u can most likely put it anywhere these is fat.

My son prefers the backs of his arms. We make him rotate those site along with thighs and upper buttocks. He doesn’t like the butt, but it seems to work really well there. We haven’t had good luck with the abd as my son is really slender and doesn’t have much fat there. We keep getting muscle. We’ll just save that spot for when he grows. We wrap our pods with foam tape(Nexcare water proof tape) a couple of times and they stay on pretty well.

I, too, love to use the back of my arms, but I always put the cannula up. I have never tried it down, so I guess what the others are saying is true… try it and see what works the best for you. The absorption rate is good there, but you do have to give doorways a little wider clearance or you may brush it off. I also use the “love handle” area half-way between under my bra line and my belt. Stand in front of a mirror with your shirt off. Let your arms drop to your sides and note the area that indents in on your body between your belt and your armpit. I know that women are a little more “curvy” than men, but I definitely have an area that curves in. I go a little more toward the front of my body in that area to place the pod. It works well there, seems to be protected because I have never brushed it off, and due to my shoulders and my hips, that area is protected even when I sleep on my side. I know what you mean about the abdomen. Due to decades of MDI in that area, one side of my abdomen has a really pitiful absorption rate. As someone commented earlier, any where you have fat is probably a good place to try the Pod.

For those of you who use your buttocks how has that been working? I have not yet tried that area because I just don’t see that being comforatable. Between sleeping and just sitting, how has that been going? I used to give injections there prior to the pod, so I don’t see a probem actually placing the pod. I appreciate any feedback.

I can only give you second hand info based on my son (10). He does not mind it and after it is on, he forgets about it. We place his an inch or two below his waistline, centered on the cheek with the cannula pointing in, if that make sense. If it is too far toward his hip (rather than centered), he says it bothers him more.

The butt is my go-to site, honestly. My abdomen is mostly scar tissue from pumping there for 9 straight years (not knowing any better). I like the lower back, but I get more kinks and occlusions there. I tend to knock the legs loose (though I loved my thighs on tubed pumps where the site could be a flatter profile). And I use my arms for my 5-day Nav sensors and don’t like to have pods there so I can give each arm time off. The butt is comfortable (think of the area above and along the top seam of your back pocket), absorption is top notch, and it doesn’t really show under clothing. Try it. It’s not the part of your butt that you actually sit on.

Arms, stomach, butt, thighs. Look at the Insulet sites for both where and how to rotate.