Can't believe our luck!

Jesse is recovering from a broken leg from a car pedestrian accident from 6 weeks ago. Yesterday we were sitting at a red light and an SUV hit our Toyota from behind at 40 mph throwing us into oncoming traffic from my direction and we were continually hit by cars coming down the other street. My car is totalled. Jesse and I were cut out of the car as our seat broke and ended up in the back seat with mine twisted I heard. I was knocked unconscious and my son has reinjured his leg and has a possible broken right leg. He goes Fri. for another cat scan and sees ortho surgeon. He has major whiplash. I remember nothing except when the cop came into my room I heard him mention something about DUI. It was 10:30am for God sake. At least he has insurance. He was hurt but I heard that the other cars that hit us weren't injured. I can't remember any of my friends names and keep falling asleep. I see my doc on Fri. to be retested for my concussion. I won't be on or reading as much as I am sleeping all the time. God bless all my Tu diabetic friends.


You are lucky you both survived! Which crazy place do you live in?

Wishing you and Jesse a speedy recovery <3

Thankfully, you’re both alive from being plowed into a traffic while at a light. I can’t believe this happened:(

Yikes! I am glad both of you made it out of there… hopefully you will both have speedy recoveries.

Oh Judith when it rains it pours! Here’s “hugs” for you and Jessie!!!

Sending Prayers for you and your son!!
Thank God you both survived such an awful collision at 40 mph!!! I am praying for both of you to renewed and restored, with less and less pain… I know He will restore you!!!
God Bless you and jesse, Judith…


Hope both of you recover completely from such a dreadful accident. You are lucky to both be alive. My best wishes are with you.

That is too horrible. It seems like one thing after another. I’m glad you both survived but your injuries must suck. Please let me know how you are doing.

I am truly glad you both are alive and fine…sending prayers and big hugs for you and Jesse.

Hang in there! It has to get better!

OMG!!! I’m sooo sorry! I know you don’t know me but you are in my thoughts!!! I was hit in 2 similar accidents. Both times with my kids in the car and both by drivers who ran red lights.The cops were so worried about clearing traffic in 1 accident @ 4:30 in the afternoon that they didn’t even check if he was DUI. And when I was outraged they said it was too early in the day for drunks!! HA HA!! My mom was a drinker and they drink whenever they are awake! I truly wish you the best! The 1st thing to do it take care of yourself and eachother. But, PLEASE get a lawyer asap!! There is a 2 yr statute of limitations on car accidents. And they will come to you. Plus they only get paid if you do! I learned my lesson the hard way. And as far as insurance, I don’t know where you are if state law is different. I’m in OH. and the insurance is split between you and any other cars hit! So, in our case he had bear minimum of $2500. I lost over 14,000$ on my car alone. I had just bought a Dodge durango. Even with my insurance it was a loss. Then when you get paid I got a ruling of only 9,000$ 3,000 went to the lawyer, and almost 3000$ went back to my insurance to pay for my medical. It’s crazy, why do we pay for insurance. They cover us in accidents but, basically it’s a loan until you settle. It took me 1 1/2 yrs to walk without a limp that was obvious. But, my back is still damaged and I have artheritis in my knee!

Wow when it rains it pours for you! I hope tha you are both feeling better soon and remember that sometimes injuries take time to really show themselves. Don’t sign any insurance forms for a good long while, like a year at least. I will send off a prayer for you both. :0) L