Can't can't can't

Do you ever get tired of people telling others you can’t eat sweets?

Not that they’re trying to be mean about it. I can understand they’re trying to be nice and accommodate me. But really… I’ve told them all at least a billion times that I can in fact eat sweets, I just watch my portions and take insulin to cover it. And that it’s all carbs, not just sweets.

People don’t listen though.

And by people I mostly mean extended family and work situations. People I’m close to seem to get it.

It gets old having people go out of their way to make these “sugar free” (which usually they’re not really sugar free, but that’s always the term used) desserts, and then everybody expects me to eat only that. I appreciate the thought behind it all really, but…


But I can deal with that. It’s goofy and annoying on principle. I’m not really a social-eater anyway.

I think what crawls under my skin the most is the word can’t. Sometimes I wonder what they think will happen if I consume a bit of sugar? Explode? Drop dead right there?

It boggles my mind that the common mentality out there is still “she can’t eat sweets, but here, have a million potato chips instead!”

The plight of every type 1!

You mean your legs won’t fall off if you eat a piece of cake?

They just think you are lying to have that piece of cake. Just do what you want to do. When ever someone tells me I can’t have that piece of birthday cake, I inform them and then eat it right in front of them. I can’t be bothered explaining myself over and over again.

i know the feeling and i inform them the things they want to allow me to have is more of a danger than the foods i chose to eat. they have a strange look and i just inform them if you want to know me do the research and i walk away. i get my laugh for the day and leave them wondering. lol its fun give a try.