People just don't get it

Dealing with eating at work is a constant source of amusement for me. Today a group ordered out at Wings’n More, which is a local place that might as well be called Fried Stuff. Most people get a giant helping of breaded chicken tenders with your choice of dipping sauce (gravy, honey mustard, etc), fries, and garlic toast. The restaurant doesn’t have their nutrition facts online, but I would guess this meal to be around 150g carbs at least.

So they ask if I want anything and I declined. It’s delicious, but I don’t feel like dealing with the misery afterward. Instead, I chose to eat my meal from home of 30g carbs.

At the end of the meal, one woman brought chocolate and offered us one piece each. She looked at me and said, “Jaclyn, do you want to cheat a little?”

LOL. Seriously? Oh yeah, the 10g carb piece of candy is totally cheating in comparison to the 150g meal of Fried Stuff.

It’s always like that. No comment is ever made about non-sweet carby things, but one tiny piece of candy and it’s totally “cheating.”

Another source of amusement at work is the tossing around of the term “sugar-free”. Even if it’s filled with fruit, it’s “sugar-free” because they use Splenda instead of sugar somewhere in it. They’ll often offer up fruit instead of candy, cookies, or cake. I do wonder what exactly they think is in fruit.

I don’t bother saying anything most of the time. I used to try. But it’s been 5 years and there’s been no progress in this area. Also, my boss is a type 2, and it was his wife who made the comment about the candy cheating earlier. So that ought to tell you something. XD

Well, it’s been about an hour since I totally “cheated” and ate that horrible piece of chocolate. Current blood sugar? 103 mg/dl.

Happy Friday!

hahah thats like this girl today said i could eat a bag of chips because they were “sugar free” … i spent an hour trying to tell her about carbs

Haha. I love “sugar free” chips! My favorite!!

I know what you mean I have a father in-law that thinks if it does not have sugar in it I can eat it. NO matter if it is fried potatoes in clumps of lard or with cornbread and fried chicken and corn on the cob. All carbs and greasy at that. I hate greasy food. HE is diabetic iliterate. And to think his mom and ex wife had and has diabetes. Hummm

Hooray for you and Boo for the others! It never ceases to amaze me how people ignore all the pure carb stuff and then comment on a little piece of sugar candy. In fact, I really hate it when anyone says anything about what I eat. I’m not breathing down their backs commenting. Why should they feel they have a right? It P.O.s me off!!

Lois La Rose
Millwaukee, WI

My first Christmas as a diabetic - I was the first and only T1 in my small town - everyone from church gave me fruit. They meant well, but…nothing says “I’m not sure how to handle your diagnosis” like a fruit basket!

Oops…sorry for the double comment but I just remembered…when I was first getting to know my husband, at one time I grabbed a slice of bread for a low, and he kept asking worriedly if that would be enough because it was homemade bread and he hadn’t used much sugar in the recipe! I thought it was sweet of him and at least he was trying to learn how it worked! He understands a lot more now of course :slight_smile:

Ah yes, the whole sugar thing drives me batty too.

People just don’t seem to understand that there is glucose in everything you eat, the more bad carbs you eat, the more it makes your bs go up…like I said some just don’t get it.

i went to a different area to work in and this guy brought brownies for everybody, and he offered to me 3x!! I don’t think he knew i was diabetic, i didn’t explain to him, instead i said “i can’t.” Well after the third time i was like what the heck i might need a little sugar to keep me good(what a lie i told myself, but i figured i’d be alright sugar wise). Well i took a bite of the brownie and nearly spit it out! It was so spongy and tasteless!! I felt like telling my self “told you so.” Last time i eat snack when i’m not suppose to, at work! I am heavily against bad tasting brownies! if i’m going to cheat then i want the good stuff! lol

I work in a sales office which is heavily dependant upon out bound phone calls. My boss runs a mini contest every week if we hit a certain level of calls we have French Fry Friday, the next level above that is Ice Cream Friday!!! I could just scream. They just don’t get it. I can have a few fries but I need to plan the meal a little. I cannot just have a super size fry just because. I said something one friday and the response was “You need to learn to let go and live a little” Somehow living with complications is not my idea of living!

where can i buy all of this sugar free fruit???

Love all these stories…well, perhaps love isn’t the most appropriate word, but rather, I got some good laughs from them. Jill, the “sugar free” chips is killer! HAHA XD

Sometimes I regret ever telling people at work I have diabetes. Then again, I’m close enough to them that I can’t imagine not telling them. Plus, the whole safety thing and all. So in that sense, I guess the inevitable stupid comments must be worth it…tries to convince self.