Is this really so hard? Stop eating my food!

I've been neglecting this place pretty spectacularly, but I have a rant today that I need to let out somewhere. It's not some super serious health issue, or me on the cusp of some mental breakdown thank god. I mean I'm pretty close to bludgeoning my entire family with the first thing I grab, but whatever.

My mom does not understand why eating my sugar free and low carb snacks might be completely inconsiderate. For a while I thought she kept eating them to inflict some kind of mental torture on me, but she genuinely does not understand why this is wrong. It's gotten to the point where I've been hiding various non perishables such as splenda where they can't get their grubby hands on them. I also have to deal with them stealing taking my alcohol pads, lancets, etc because my step-dad tests his sugar frequently for no real reason.

I've tried politely bringing this to their attention. I'd say something like, "Here I will share my sinful sugar free pie (lol) with you, but please do not eat all of it overnight before I can get any." I thought about asking them not to use five to six packets of splenda, thereby leaving me with none, but that's a battle I cannot win (even though that's disgusting. Why would you need that much sweetener?). Anyway, they respond with pure rage. How dare I tell them what they can and can't eat! The audacity of me! At this point they bring out the age old parent argument, "I paid for it and this is my house so **** you."

...alright. So I got my own snacks with the help of my grandma. The key point here is they did not pay for them. Again I am treated like this selfish, ungrateful monster. Their argument has now mutated into, "Well how about we ban you from eating OUR food (the stuff they buy, AKA, all of it). How do you like that?" If I try to argue my point rationally, I get told that I'm being a nasty pig. This is usually the point where I lose it and epic arguments start, which they always win due to their, "Rah I pay the bills!" crap.

I mean if I have to eat sugar free pie for the rest of my time here, I guess I will. I've heard of college students eating a lot worse. But is this really necessary? Can't they just leave my stuff alone? I think the best part is they buy desserts for themselves ALL the time, that I most definitely cannot eat. They'll scarf all that down then make a beeline for my stuff. It makes me feel as if I have to eat everything immediately or else I won't get any. The amount of food they eat is staggering, yet their excuse for eating my food is that they're trying to be healthier. Pie, sugar free or no is NEVER healthy. But it's a rare treat for me and I'd appreciate it if they didn't inhale it I can get any. I mean I have to deal with them leaving candy everywhere, mocking me, and then I have nothing left to curb the monstrous cravings I get and it makes me very sad.

It's a good thing I've never been overly rebellious. The dumber part of my brain is telling me that I should move out immediately. I can (probably) survive off cheap ramen and garbage. Always being in the throes of some kind of financial crisis will be an adventure! Then I remember how much money I'll save by staying at home and I realize this is a horrible idea. The realization does not make things any easier when I spontaneously start bleeding after injecting insulin and have no alcohol pads to wipe it off, or when my stupid artery clogging pie is gone because they can't survive without some kind of dessert. They literally say, "I NEED something sweet."

Just. Urgh. One year and seven months to go. I can do this.

families can be hard work. Mine works the other to yours. I keep getting food I should not eat, or like you left feeling sorry for myself because I cannot eat what they give me!
Anyway first, can I ask who buys your food for you?
Are you left hungry because the last of what ever you need was scoffed by your mum?
Is your health really at risk, or do you feel it is threatened?
But I'm an adult, and learnt to say in a loud voice. OK everyone listen to me for one minute! Then give them a short mature & non emotional explanation of my needs!
We have No community support here in Spain. No Information hand outs!
Your bright, articulate, and rational. So Tell them in that manner. Or, Go to your local health centre or Social Services and report them for child cruelty & putting your health at risk! SS will find you a hostel or foster home after court!

This may not be quite to your taste, but do you think if you changed your snacks to celery and salad stuff the family would leave your food alone? There are lots of snack ideas on the net, most of them are not sweet and I think you might find it easier to manage your needs if you eliminate sweet things from your diet anyway.

Sugar free usually still has "carbs" that are pretty significant. I agree w/ Pastelpainter that you'd be better off "healthwise" to just blow it off. That being said, I'm sort of a snack psychopath and will stash potato chips, etc. out of the clear lines of sight of MrsAcidrock and junior. Lately, I just don't buy them.

Oh yuck. Celery is the nastiest thing in the world. I understand what you're saying, but eating a sugar free dessert once in a blue moon isn't going to kill me. That's pretty much the idea. I get it as a rare treat for myself and then it's gone before I can enjoy it. I know very well that they're still pretty much junk food, which is why I laughed at the idea that they're eating my sugar free pie to be healthy. I'm not just eating them constantly with no regard to the carbs or sugar alcohols (which pretty much destroy my stomach if eaten in bulk anyway).

To muleman, thank you but it's not that serious. xD They buy most of the food, except for the things I get specifically for myself. They don't eat all the healthy foods unless we run out of everything else, so I have food to eat. It's just that I try to pace myself and they'll go for seconds and thirds, maybe fourths and fifths and before you know it that delicious soup I had hoped to enjoy for leftovers is gone. My biggest problem is their complete lack of consideration. The argument, "Well you eat our food!" is ridiculous because no, I kind of can't eat most of their food.