Carb counting

does anyone use any kind of handheld device for counting carbs or do most people just use the calorie king book, just wondering if there was a device specificaly for carb counting ?

I have an iPhone and I when I’m out, I use CarbFinder. It’s USA-food based and it’s not bad.

I think Susi makes a good suggestion. I used to reference a small book on carb counting, but I’ve been doing the counting for so many years that I know most of the basic values. I do take time to “read the plate of food that is in front of me” prior to taking a bite, and being careful to estimate the correct number of carbs. I might be off a little because there was extra sweetness in a sauce, or something like that, but I adjust to my target goal within a short time. I also read all labels from cans and boxes of food, in order to get a good idea of the number of carbs I am dealing with. Diabetes sure is a 24/7 disease, requiring us to “take a measurement” of every morsel we put into our mouth, and adjusting our insulin accordingly.

I use a calculator…

i use an itouch and man is it great. there are so many apps out there for this. carb finder is great, you also have one called restaurants so you dont get suprised, it has the carb count for their menus which you could also plan ahead. you can decide what your going to eat before you even get there. lose it has a carb count for most foods also. but over all i think the carbfinder is the best option if you have an itouch or iphone because it has the most references of them all. the other two are free and the carbfinder i think is 2.99.

I use the calorie king website (click here) when I have internet access. Without it, I just guess the carbs based on experience. Sometimes I guess well. Sometimes not.

Beside the iPhone/iTouch apps, the USDA has a downloadable database for use on PDA’s.


I don’t know of any handheld device devoted specifically to carb counting but with all the other stuff i carry around, i don’t think I’d want one.


I use my pump!

But as what everyone else said, there is lots of programs that can help you in counting using your iThing, PDA, Smart phone or even just a computer. Plus that every restaurant had a cheat book that contains the nutrition info.

Hope this helped, Good luck


just got here.
HelpDiabetes is a carb counting application that runs on any cellular phone (except iphone, gphone).
It does not use the USA-foood database, that’s a bit too big for a J2ME application.
It includes an English Database from Norway, which is quite extensive. You can also adapt the database yourself on a PC and then transfer this to the cellular phone.



I use either my iphone (Calorie King, Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone Restaurant List, Daily Plate) or my Omnipod PDM food catalog (which is technically like using a handheld device, since it’s installed on the PDM and customizeable).