Carb counting app

I am new to carb counting. Diagnosed with LADA a year ago. Used Victoza for a year and have just stopped that and started Lantus. Can anyone recommend an app to help with carb counting? I'm finding it overwhelming.

For counting carbs at home I rely on the Calorie King book, as well as package labels, measuring cups and spoons, and a good kitchen scale. For chain restaurants my favorite is the ‘Restaurant Nutrition’ app.

I have never had the stamina for counting and hope to get away without it. It sounds a headache, and I do not intend to diet. Good luck.

The CalorieKing app is very helpful for figuring out carb counts in everything, in lauding restaurant food. For record-keeping, I have an app that’s just labeled “diabetes app”. It’s a bit cumbersome but it does the job. It keeps running totals for me, which is nice.

I use Fat Secret Calorie Counter. It's great!

I am totally an engineer and don't count either. I am pretty consistent in what I eat so I just calculated and found the "sweet spot" dosage for meals. Lantus should be three times your insulin meal dosage so for example if you take 12 units of Humalog, your lantus should be 36 units for the day. That being said, I always take extra and correct if I eat or drink something I shouldn't have by a couple extra units.

I had to look up Lantus. Interesting.

I find bolus insulin better. I always think if you are going to control something, it is good to reduce the grey area, which lasts 24 hours. This is simply because I like cycling and 24 hours of uncertainty might give me a hypo. I live alone, so need to be careful, since I passed out for at least 50 hours in February. Mind you, I am inconsistent with quantity.

I am probably making contact with a carbohydrate-counting dietician fairly soon, when I am clearer whether I can expect any supportfrom the rest of the team.

I hear you on the passing out - this happened to me for a shorter time with my trainer. I also live alone. Exercise is the best regulation period. Lantus evens out over 24 hours if you snack. The nutritionist will show you the calculation with your weight and such for what your correction factor should be depending on carb content. Once you get used to it, you really can guestimate and you will be good at it. I gave you some links, but the dietician will totally go over that with you.

As for being alone, if you like dogs there are some great alert ones for both high and low episodes and if you go into an office, you will be the best friend of everyone.

The other things is I always start high at about 250 before strenuous exercise so I don't pass out. This came after consultation with my endo and trainer after hitting the floor a couple times.

Thank you. That will be really helpful. I don't really have the space for a dog but hope to get a couple of diamond doves in September for the live company if nothing else.

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Just in case you change your mind, they are therapy dogs so lots of exceptions made for them in housing, workplace, etc. They sniff out highs and lows. I have a 12.5 yo husky still going a mile a minute or I'd consider. I think this husky will be around forever and hopefully so.

I’m using CarbsControl - just over $2 to buy from the App Store. It keeps running daily totals, has a good search engine for basic foods as well as restaurant menus. Tried a lot of free apps that either focused on basic food or restaurant menus, but not both. As someone mentioned, consistency is great, but variety is the spice of life!

I don't use an app because my phone may be "smart" my screen size is "dumb." The greatest resource I have taken advantage of is a dietitian. They can teach you how to count carbs and once you learn, your cell reception will never slow you down. At home I use a scale. Regularly seeing precisely measured amounts seems to help me in my accuracy when I'm away from home.

It's really not that hard to learn and the dietitian will also help you figure out the amount of carbs that is right for you. I don't eat out a lot because it's expensive and I make food that is better for me, but when I do eat at a restaurant, I can generally figure it out on the fly after all the practice.

It is good to hear that human intelligence works for you rather than the artificial variety. I am getting closer to needing regular insulin but don't have much faith in it. If I ever eat out, I always find fish and vegetables are good.

Thanks so much for this link. I may need one of these dogs in the near future.