Wanted: One basic gross carb counter app

When at home, I use www.nutritiondata.self.com to look up the gross carb count for food. However, I'm traveling this weekend and I need that same information for my android phone. It seems such a simple thing - the gross carb count for a food I'm going to eat, but I can't find a tool like that anywhere. I've searched the net, I've searched tudiabetes, I've searched my android marketplace...any other suggestions.

Have you tried using it (nutritiondata) from the internet portion of your phone? I use that website also and have used my phone to pull up my pre-saved recipe carb info in a pinch. It's a bit of a pain, but has worked. Can't help much beyond that. Good luck!

Yes, I have and I agree, it is a pain because it is not designed for mobile use. It seems so crazy to me that such a simple app is not available; but that is probably the reason, it is too simple. thanks!

I like "Lose It!" a lot for that? It's sort of "aimed" at calories but also has carb counts and the interface is really easy to use, you rotate wheels for the amount and it calculates them. We tried My Fitness Pal for a while but I didn't like the interface as much, the portioning aspect of the app was sort of awkward.

I use the CalorieKing app for my iPhone. While aimed at the weight watching crowd, it produces a standardized food label that includes carbs as well as the dietary fiber that I often subtract from the carb count. The standardized nutrition label also includes fat, protein and calories. It allows for adjustable portion sizes. This can be challenging when traveling and unable to use a scale. It has, however, some standard portion sizes like 1 cup or 1/2 cup which provides a reasonable basis for estimating. I use this application every day at home on my laptop computer.

Thanks a lot everyone; I'll look at the above suggestions.

www.carbcounter.net it has pretty much all the info you need.The other one is an app for the android phone I think it is called gomeals it is from Sanofi Aventis who make Lantus insulin I don't have an android phone so I can't use it, but my CDE said it is pretty good.

Calorie King is an Australian app but might suit your needs. I've used the books since Dx 31 years ago, then their website and now the app. Good luck with it. X

I don't know if you will be eating out, but I use Fast Food Nutrition (DEV:fastfood.com) on my android phone. I absolutely love it when I need to count my carbs at say Subway or McDonald's.

Have you looked at GoMeals ? It's a free Android app that has the CalorieKing database in it. You can look up generic foods, brand foods, restaurant foods, fast food places , etc and get the carb counts, calorie counts , etc.