Carb counting Kashi cereals

Wonder what others have discovered in their consumption of Kashi cereals.

I previously tried the Go Lean Crunch in the purple box and Honey Flax in a gold box, latest is the red box with fiber twigs, soy protein grahams and honey puffs. I don’t recall any post-meal highs with the first two varieties… but the fiber twig variety has left me with high 200/low 300 post-meal readings the past two mornings.

I got to looking at the label a bit more closely and discovered that the fiber content of 10g, which I subtracted from the overall carb count, is 9g INSOLUBLE fiber. I think this means I shot for an erroneous 20g instead of what should have been 30.

My experiment tomorrow morning will be shooting for 30g, as if there were no fiber at all in the cereal. Am I thinking along the right track?