Cereal for Breakfast!

I had pretty much given up on cereal. I did several tries of “healthy” cereals, even some eaten by other diabetics and always ended up very very high. Part of the problem is that cereal without fruit is boring to me, so it was just way too many carbs. Oddly enough this last try I went to the store to search out yet another type recommended by another diabetic, couldn’t find it and started scanning the shelves. I have found good success with other high fiber products such as English Muffins and tortillas as you can subtract the fiber from the carbs. So I bought the highest fiber cereal I could find, thinking I was probably throwing out another $5.

Surprise! The cereal is called “Good Friends High Fiber Cereal” by Kashi. I ate 3/4 of a cup of the cereal with 1/4 cup blueberries and milk for a total carb count of 37. I held my breath when I tested two hours later…my previous cereal experiments put me in the 200s…my before breakfast number was 102 and my post prandial was 107!! (5 units insulin on my 1:7 breakfast ratio). I planned on testing an hour or two later to make sure it didn’t sneak up but then I felt weird and tested at the 3 hour mark and I was 47!! I have no idea why I was that low!! I’m going to try again tomorrow morning to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. I’m pretty happy with my huevos mexicana (eggs scrambled with tomatoes, chilis and onions) and slice of good bread toast most mornings but it’s nice to have something to vary!