Case, Skin Options For Accu-Chek Combo Pump

Hello everyone,

Just wondering what all of you are using for your Accu Chek pumps case wise if anything?? I don't see to many options for it online.. Just want to keep it protected and wanted to see what everyone else was using..


I use a ACCU-CHEK Insulin Pump Tricot Case and attach it to my bra strap. You could attach to your belt in a similar way. I use my meter to operate my pump and do not touch it all day. There are several options on the ACCU-Chek web site. When you are on the site showing your pump, click on the left side where it says view complete details. Then in the box on the right of the next page click accessories. It's a bit hard to find.

I'm using an old Spirit clip case. The new Combo clip case slides off too easily and I had one too many unnerving drops of the pump on the hard tiles of the bathroom, so I went back to the old case. I don't know what I'm going to do when it breaks (cross fingers).

I know a lot of people like the Spibelt.

Hi lisaNC is this the case you are talking about??

Marie B
That's the case my pump came with its ok but I kinda want something that I can put the pump in just to keep it safe. I don't mind having to wear it like on a belt.

Thanks for the info both of you :)

Yes, that's it. it zips and snaps into the case so is very secure and it has a wide "belt loop" on the back to attach it to your clothing so it will not fall off if bumped.

Thanks I got one ordered. Also am going to give the Spibelt a go..
Thanks again everyone :)