Pump case

Does anybody with the Spirit Combo pump have a case they actually like? I carry my pump in my pocket because I have never found a case that doesn’t seem to bulky. Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.

I use the neoprene case on my belt (either blue or black).

The one available from Roche?

I have a case similar to the neoprene but it’s soft leather. Got it direct from Roche.

Yes, I always get my cases from them.

I am not terribly thrilled with the latest iteration, because they removed the snaps from the belt loop, but they are still the best fitting cases, IMO.

I use the clip from accu chek but sometimes use a spibelt which is really good and very thun

Thanks for the responses. Guess I’ll do some “shopping” and weigh my options.

I have used the spibelt too, but only in cases where I am without a belt or worried about the pump catching on something.

My feeling is that it is a limited use type item and I worry about having the pump so close to my body, reducing the life of the insulin.

How does the clip attach to the pump? I haven’t found a good picture of it.

How do you all like having the take the meter with you wherever you go? That's one of the only questions I have, since I live in a two story house and usually have a meter on each floor (and one in my purse...). Any comments welcome... do you like using one meter for everything?

I don’t like having to take the meter everywhere. I also think I have become to dependent on the bolus calculator. It used to be so easy to calculate my bolus. Now if I do go somewhere without the meter, I really have to stop and think before I bolus.

Well, that is something I am thinking a lot about so thanks for the honest answer. More than likely, I cant get a new pump right now anyway but I had this one in the running with another Ping. I dont use the Ping remote meter really very much. I work at home, I dont need to hide my pump. So when I go out, I have a different meter to rely on. Something to think about!