Buying wearable accessories for the Spirit Combo

Does anyone know where you can buy accessories like a thigh holster or some sort of belt so I can a) wear skirts and b)exercise while wearing the pump? The clip that they gave me when I started is pretty loose - it will only stay on if its clipped to my bra. I'm trying to figure out which products are worth it.

It’s hard to find but they have various accessories on the Accu-Check pump web site. Do a Goggle search and you should be able to find the pages. Their pump & accessory sites are not very user friendly.

If you google Accu-Chek Combo cases it’s the first link (or it is in mine) :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the Accu-Check Combo Store web-site.

Once in the site just do a search on cases. Also, you may find it helpful to just call there customer support number and talk to a rep. If you know what you are looking for then that is the easiest way. Ebay also has some generic stuff that I have found to be pretty cool as well (t-shirts with a pump pocket and stuff like that).

Here is another site:


I use this case
ACCU-CHEK® Spirit & ACCU-CHEK® Spirit Combo Alcantara Soft Case
I take off the lanyard and run it through my bra strap. I can exercise or wear any kind of dress or skirt.I never think about or touch my pump all day. At night I use a Tummitote belt around my waist, but it would also work well in some exercise situations.