Cataract Surgery

I had cataract surgery on my right eye last Thursday. My doctor had been telling me for 10 years that I had cataracts but they were not bad enough to operate. Well my time was up and now I wish I had done it sooner! My vision in my right eye is so much clearer it is like night and day compared to my left eye (surgery in January for that one). Now when I close my right eye and look through the left, it is like looking through a 1972 headlight that is clouded over. I can't wait for 2 good eyes again.

So glad you had good results
Most people do
I had mine done years ago

Yeah, it was like going from a Monet world to a photo-realist world.

One caution, however. I had the surgery about 10 years ago, and a week later noticed that the vision in that eye was deteriorating. And, of course, this happened on a weekend. I assumed it was a retinal problem and was frantic.
Turns out it was a "secondary cataract" which sometimes occurs after the first surgery. (And no one had bothered to tell me this might happen.) They uses a special machine called a "yag laser" and zapped it and it was instantly better.

Just a quick update - had my left eye done with no complications and I can see again 20-25!! Now my wife wants me to get my hearing fixed...what?