Eye Complications

Well, there I was….. At age 38 I was confronted with my 1st major complication… Cataracts.

This I must say, was an extremely difficult experience for me. Cataracts are in essence, the clouding of the eyes & also vision. There are a number of stages to cataracts. What made my case even more challenging, is that not only was its growth rapid, I was born very myopic (near sighted). Interestingly, about 5-6 months earlier, I just seen an eye doctor, and saw no major problems. So of course naturally, I figured it was just my sugar, and its my sugar gets back on level, my vision will return. Boy was I wrong. The hard part was, I did not know what the cataracts was supposed to look like at first.

After being jerked around by hospitals & my insurance company, my vision has gone so badly, that I could no longer see cars, as I crossed that street. During this time, I was even once robbed, but of course, I could not see my assailants. My way of getting from home to the doctor, has been pure luck, memory, shapes, and colors. And eventually I also became color blind, due to the severity of the cataracts. My eyes used to burn a lot, because the eye strains to focus. I had no choice but to keep my eyes closed most of the time. as I
listened to TV or radio.

At the time, I felt so alone, not being able to read, use my computer, dial numbers, so many things we take for granted. There was no one in my immediate surroundings that I could talk to about my
experience, nor could they relate.
Almost a year later, 4 doctors, and a formal complaint against my insurance company, I finally got the surgery I needed to remove my cataracts. Now my vision is the best I’ve seen, in my entire life. I just thank God* that I did not have to go through this, in my 80’s. How terrible it must be for people that age, with no one to help them.

So keep the faith, and never settle, cause the insurance companies are still a business, they don’t care about us, all they care about is, what they are not gonna pay for. The hospitals don’t care
about you, all they care about is, that your insurance pays.

Great story! And, great advice! Thanks.

Your welcome buddy!!

Whats up BRO,

I am originally from New York I was born in the bronx, and then lived upstate for several years. Holla at me when you get a chance

I was born in the Bronx, too. We lived off the Grand Concourse when I was a little kid. I live in VA now.

So sorry to hear what you had to endure. Good to know you’re fine now after this ordeal. I read about a new cataract procedure in the UK. Once the new lens it put in, vision is corrected to perfect using lasers. Not here yet & sounds incredible.

I think I’ve may have had the same surgery. The surgery went so well that gone in near sighted, and came out of surgery FAR sighted… LOL. That was definitely a plus… In fact, thank God it was only cataracts. Despite the fact i’ve experienced a lot of negative things throughout this ordeal; the reality is, it could have been a lot worse…!

Wow this is good news for ya. Tthanks for sharing looks like the “bad people” will have a little surprise next time they want to collect eh?

Yogirajj, so glad you found your way to TU. I remember from before the problems you had. So happy things turned to the positive side.

Ah, so now you’re far sighted:)