Caught in the Act


Just had an awkward moment at work. I’m trying to be a little less closet about my diabetes. Meaning I was testing my blood sugar under the desk, instead of in the rest room. This was my first time to do this, when a glance over my shoulder revealed the friendly guy who fixes the printer staring at me. I’m not sure how long he had been standing there, but the look on his face made me feel like I was doing drugs or something. I think I handled myself pretty well after being startled, although I had to reprick my finger to get enough blood out. I just turned and said, “hey…” and just kept talking to him while I tested. He was very nice while talking to me, but he was intently staring at what I was doing, till I zipped up the case. In the end, it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. With the way he snuck up on me, I probably would have been startled anyway!


This is interesting - the more you do it, the more comfortable youwill bet - i test anywhere - i dont care at all what others think - of course i have been diabetic for my whole life that i remember - since age 4 - so i am well adjusted. shots out a resturants were a must when i was a kid - so meter testing is nothing to me.
good luck–


When I test at my desk, I lay the kit open in my desk drawer. It kind of shields what I’m doing from view, and if someone comes while it’s working, I can close the door to muffle the beep. I know there’s a few people at work who would really rather not see me pricking my finger, so I try to respect that when we’re eating together. But if I’m at my desk, I’m not running downstairs for a 15 second test.

Glad the guy was cool with it!


Er close the drawer. I swear the typos aren’t there before I post…


Call me being “overly sensitive”, but I don’t like being watched while I am testing. I don’t mind people being around, but don’t stand there and stare! When we have guests for dinner, I normally just test in my bedroom. A few weeks ago I was at a cook out and I tested in my van. I also don’t like people who see me testing ask me about my readings. Too me it is a persoanl issue, but i don’t mind discussing previous readings. Call me weird too.


Chloe: If you enjoy shocking people (like me), you could have turned to the guy that was watching you and say “Do you mind? I am trying to shoot up.” :slight_smile:


Good Point…I do believe that might get me sent to HR though…I can already hear the rumors flying! LOL


Chloe, My mom used to try to get me to test my blood in private,but it just doesn’t matter.Diabetes is so common now that if a person can’t handle you testing your blood in public then that’s their problem.The same goes for injecting.I see my doctor in May of 08 to go on an insulin pump so it wont be as intrusive.It’s not a sin to be a diabetic.