CDL License

Has any Type 1 ever gotten or tried to get their CDL (commercial drivers license)? I was looking into it and one of the health codes says you cannot be an insulin dependent diabetic. But I was confused by the statement at the beginning of the law about getting a doctor's something-or-other. So, I was just wondering if there is a way around this silly bit of letters.



I have my class 1 CDL but I live in Canada. I have to get a medical annually and show that I have no episodes of severe hypo. I think in the U.S you have to apply for a waiver if you are on insulin. It is possible you just have to jump through hoops.

CDL rules for any diabetic on insulin are restrictive. Federal DOT regulations require an application for waiver which can be found on the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Agency’s website. Individual states have their own regulations some of which are looser about insulin however a driver would be limited to driving only in that state and would have a harder time crossing state lines.

Thanks for the info! I will contact my doctor on Tuesday. I would really hate for this to get in the way of becoming THE Bookmobile Librarian!!!