Commercial Drivers License

So Yesterday I had my CDL taken away from me due to the fact that I am insulin dependent(the pump kind of gave it away.) Being fairly new to the diabetic community(March 23,2009) I was unaware of the DOT rules and regulations but it sounds like it’s a pretty long and drawn out process to get an exception on my license, it also sound like it takes 180 days for the DOT to get back to to see if they accept my exception form, I was just wondering if anyone else has had this experience, any input would be great.

You might check out the ADA’s Article on Commercial Drivers’ Licenses for more information that might be helpful to you if you have not already dun so.

If you are in Canada you might review the following

Click here for more info from the American Diabetes Association. Hope that you are able to sort this out! Keep us posted.