ALL DIABETICS! DOT medical card for driving a truck?

Hello my name is David, and IO went to get my DOT physical to drive a commercial vehicle for my job and I could not get it because I am a Type 1 Diabetic. I am very upset and it might cost me my job. Does anyone know the way to get around it? There are papers I supposably can get online but I cant find them, can anyone help???…

The above website contains the links/downloads for the FMCSA diabetes package. Be aware that this is not a cut and dry process and is handled on a case by case basis. Also consider whether you are driving across state lines. While the Federal Regulations are rather specific and tough they apply to driving across state lines. If your only driving within your state of residence they may have a relaxed stance toward insulin dependent diabetics. Individual states have the option of adopting the federal standards or adopting their own.

Unless things have changed be prepared to have to jump through hoops. Getting a refund check from the IRS is comparatively easy compared to getting a waiver for insulin use.

Good luck.

I am only driving within a couple miles, maybe a 40 mile radius. I really hope I get this. Thank you very much I’ll keep you updated!!!