Recommend good breakfast-not a cereal eater

I am looking for a filling breakfast thats low in carbs. I love pancakes but I do not like the after taste
I get with sugar free syrup. Thanks!

I like to make eggbeaters with a little cheese and piece of wheat or rye toast

Whole wheat toasted English muffin with peanut butter…oops, I guess that’s not exactly low in carbs.

I usually eat some low fat yogurt with a little unflavored protein powder in it and put it in the blender to make sure it gets mixed up really good.

I usually go for a couple eggs and some unsweetened yogurt. you could do eggs with toast, or yogurt with nuts. good healthy stuff.

I have tried egg beaters and I can’t seem to acquire a taste for them. I do love my rye toast.
Thanks Lynn!

That does sound good, but I can’t handle peanut butter first thing in the morning. I will try the whole wheat
English Muffin maybe with a scrambled egg. Thanks Kathy!

Thanks Cody, but I like a warm breakfast in the morning.

Thanks Sam, I just can’t handle yogurt in the morning, but I will do eggs.

oatmeal is yummy. they even make a lower sugar kind =) or you can stick with the original oatmeal

Hi Linda,
I am not sure how you feel about a shake for breakfast. But i have been having trouble eating breakfast for a while. Atkins makes a shake under thier Advantage label. The ones i like are the chocolate ones. My favorite is the Dark Chocolate Royale Shake. It has 160 caloies, 2 net carbs and 15 g of protein. The MilkChocolate Delight Shake has 160 calories, 1 net carb and 15 g of protein. They come in a pack of individual cartons of 11 ounces each. I began drinking them cold and used a straw to sip a little at a time (due to nausea) Now if i have to run for an appointment early I put it in a microwavable cup and heat it until it is hot then put it in a go cup and drink it in the car on the way. Or, when I am home i especailly like the dark one very cold. It isn’t a lot to put into your stomach, but holds me pretty well. I like the convenience of the little carton and how well it calms down my stomach, plus the low carbs and it doesn’t budge my blood sugar very much at all. I know they have other flavors, but i think I am hooked on the chocolate. Hope this helps.

I usually eat a slice of whole grain toast (no HFCS in my bread), a slice of turkey bacon, and a scrambled egg. I had dropped the eggs to improve my cholesterol, but the egg protein helps my sugar remain stable post-breakfast.

I eat eggs with some cheese. Sometime I add Yves soy Canadian bacon. It cooks fast, tastes great, low fat & has only 1 carb per slice. Low, low carb & the protein keeps me from getting hungry.

I drink protein shakes for breakfast when I’m in a hurry. They also make an easy quick lunch. I make my own using whey isolate protein (1 carb per scoop–1/3 cup), 1 cup Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla almond milk (2 carbs), vanilla extract (0 carbs) & some cold decafe (0 carbs). It’s filling.

Thank you so much for your reply! They are all good choices.


Hi Saundra!

I’m not a shake person but I like the low carbs you mentioned so that’s a plus for me.


Hi Melissa!

I like scrambled eggs, but I’ve never tried turkey bacon. Guess there’s always a first time.

Hi Gerri!

I like cheese omelets. I have never tried Canadian bacon. I don’t have a lot of variety in my meals. I have
always been a picky eater.Everyone says protein shakes are good;never tried. Before i was DX I would on
occasion have an Instant Breakfast. They were ok in a pinch.
Thanks again!

the turkey sausage is pretty good. I also like to have soup for breakfast.

Hi Marie!

Never had turkey sausage. Never thought of soup for breakfast.