FDA Approves Dexcom Software with Artificial Pancreas Algorithm

Current users of the G4 will be able to get this software update!!!


Link to the software download?

Very cool, wish they were allowing kids the new software.

Thanks for sharing.


This is fantastic. It will place the G4 even further ahead of the competition.

Looking forward to the download becoming available.

The press release hasn't even appeared on their web site yet.

Awesome news! Thanks so much for posting this! I found the link to the download. http://www.dexcom.com/dexcom-g4-platinum

Now Dexcom is having issues with users logging into their system. Has anyone been able to download the software?


That is great news, I went to the Dexcom site to check it out and the instructions say ALL data will be lost, and to wait until sensor session ends. So I will have to wait a few days before I try it.

The update will clear out all history, so back up before you update. Also, it is not Mac compatible. Must use a PC to get update. It's unclear if pediatric versions can be updated at this point.

Downloaded the software and just installed it. It will wipe the receiver clean so you will need to look at the settings first to write down your transmitter ID # (if its currently attached to you).

Waiting for the 2-hour warm-up now...

Does anybody know if the new software changes the drivers? Will Diasend or Nightscout recognize the updated receiver?

I downloaded the new software and installed. If there are any other Diasend users out there, upload your data to Diasend before the update and you won't lose any data.

If you back up to Studio then with the software update will require that you create a new patient file, much like the last time you put a new receiver in service. That means that the old patient file data and the new patient file data cannot be combined. I don't like that but Diasend does not suffer that circumstance.

I didn't wait until it was time to replace a sensor, I just stopped the sensor session to do the update and started a new session once the the software update completed.

You may want to write down your upper and lower alarm thresholds, your profile choice (mine was/is "attentive"), and your transmitter ID (a five digit alpha-numeric code). Once the software update completes, you can input time/date, transmitter number, both upper and lower alarm thresholds, and your profile choice.

I've done several finger-sticks in the last 2-3 hours and they've been pretty close to the CGM number. At this point the improvement in the software is not readily apparent but I'm sure I'll notice it over time. It's kind of crazy that we calibrate the Dex with a fingerstick not known for its accuracy!

Oh, well. Better is better.

thanks for the info Terry. I haven’t updated yet, I’m on a Mac studio has always been hit and miss for me and they’re not sure if this software will work in Bootcamp or virtual machine. I may try updating my old receiver first if I can find it and it still charges. It had lost it’s volume but otherwise was working.

I have this five year old net-book computer that still proves useful for Dexcom stuff. Otherwise I use a Mac. I think Dexcom will release of web-based data solution comparable to Diasend. That's why they probably don't want to put any resource into a Mac data solution. At least web-based software will be platform agnostic.

I installed the new software late this morning. Because my old sensor was two weeks old, I inserted a new sensor. The new sensor is having the worst first day that I have ever had with a G4 sensor. Once it was 232 when I was 114 on my meter. And then later when my meter was 114, it said I was 48. 20 minutes ago it said 98 with a straight down arrow. My meter was 102 so I though things were improving. Now in 20 minutes it has jumped to 152 with an up arrow. Meter says 94.

I know that the first 24 hours can be wonky, but so far I’m certainly not seeing increased accuracy with the new software. I used to be off by 100+ points with the Medtronic Sofsensors, but this might be only the 2nd or 3rd time in 2 years that I have seen such variations from my meter with the G4. Kind of scary if this was part of an artificial pancreas…

I hope things improve overnight. If it doesn’t quickly improve, I might shut it off all night so I don’t have to deal with alarms from crazy numbers.

Wow, Laddie! Those are some crazy results. Our first check last night (with a 10 day old sensor) was 105 on Dexcom 505 and 106 meter. This morning, 70 meter and 67 Dexcom. I’ll be watching closely all day and hoping for great things!

Nightscout users are reporting success this morning with the update. You will have to wait about 9 hours before you get any info via Nightscout bc it’s like starting a brand new receiver. Nightscout won’t report until it has about 9 hours of history.

It’s amazing the increase in performance, especially at the 7 day mark. It’s too bad that it can’t stay at 97%.

You can just stop the sensor. Do the update and then restart the sensor as a new sensor. Before doing the update be sure to download your receiver to Dexcom Studio and any other data programs (Diasend?)you use with your G4.

How are things today, Laddie? This is making me scared to update. My readings are actually almost always incredibly accurate in the first 24 hours, and the trends are always very accurate...Maybe off by 20 points in the first 3 hours but then usually spot on...

Numbers were better today, but bad enough that I restarted the sensor late this afternoon. Dexcom doesn’t advise that but it used to help with Medtronic sensors. Unfortunately there is no way to know whether I just have a bad sensor or the update is causing a problem. Right now the sensor is sitting at 68 with a down arrow. My meter says 102 and I have no IOB.

Argh! I am hating diabetes technology these days!

I’m considering calling Dexcom to get the sensor replaced and trying a sensor from another lot. I am going to do the recalibrate every 15 minutes strategy and see if I can get it to become accurate. But I tried that earlier today and then it went wonky again.