CGM and Lost Sensor reading

I reconnected my CGM after a few months of not using it, and keep getting a sensor lost reading 6-8x per day. This is happening especially at night, when I wear the sensor on my PJ bottoms. The sensor alarm is going off several times per night, waking me up, Any suggestions how to avoid this problem?

How old is your transmitter? The warranty on those is only 9 months, so if it’s older than that, I would suspect your transmitter isn’t any good anymore.

Oh, and I’m also assuming that you’re on the MM CGM.

Have you called the company for an explanation /suggestion ?
I have my MM sensor etc well for over 2 years …and have used it regularly without a problem ;in other words transmitter on charger regularly as well .

My transmitter is two years old, I guess that could be the problem. Yes, it is the MM CGM. I am on hold with them right now, so maybe they will be able to give me more info.

I called them, and they first told me maybe it was b/c I sleep on my stomach. I noticed it happening on my back too, when I am in bed, and the rep then told me that is certain places, there may be “interference” from other things (electronic) on the same frequency. I do have a baby monitor in my room,

I got “Lost Sensor” errors when my cell phone was close to the pump.

Looks like the visual baby monitor was the problem. Turned it off and no more lost sensor readings. Weird, but true!