New Sensor - Sensor Error & Lost Sensor Annoyances

I’ve been on Minimed’s CGMS with my 722 for a little while now, and when it works I absolutely love it to death. The data is so invaluable to me, when it works I don’t care how much it costs.

I just wish I never had to change sensors. Every time I do, something screws up.

My very first sensor I put in during training with a Medtronic rep was utter failure. I put it in, fastened the transmitter, and never got the green light. The other girl going through the training with me had hers work right away. This made me very nervous. The rep said for me to give it a while, so I went home and waited. Eventually I was able to get the green signal from the transmitter during lunch.

But then the very next morning, my sensor fell out after exercising. It was very irritated and hurting. I must have just chosen a bad spot.

Got a new sensor and put it on my upper abdomen and it worked right away! And that sensor was wonderful. My readings were pretty accurate too. I left it in 6 days.

Now every time I’ve replaced a sensor since, I get issues during the 2 hour wait period before it asks for your first meter BG. Most often I get “SENSOR ERROR” after maybe an hour. Then I have to start it again, and all works well after an additional 2 hours or so. This is super annoying. Why does this happen? Does this happen to anyone else, and is there a way to avoid it? After it does that first sensor error, I haven’t had any more errors until next sensor.

Well today I got a new one. This time instead of “SENSOR ERROR”, I got “LOST SENSOR” about an hour into the two-hour wait period. And now I can’t get it back. I tried re-connecting the transmitter, which makes me mad because I’ve already taped it down, don’t have more tape at work, and in general do not have a large supply of the IV3000. It didn’t help, and I never got the green flashing light. Wonderful! Did my site just dry up or what? I don’t understand this.

CGMS shows so much promise, but it really seems they have a ton of work to do on it. I wish we were there already. Diabetes is annoying enough without all these technical difficulties.

I just got started with the CGMS on Thursday, so I haven’t had those particular issues yet. My only issue was when I first inserted the sensor, it didn’t go in all the way, so I had to manually push it in a little further (which totally creeps me out), but it’s been working fine ever since. My only beef at this point is the smoke gray color of the sensor and the white color of the transmitter. Is it asking too much to make this stuff some shade of tan to blend better with the skin? My husband doesn’t mind at all but he jokes that I’m the “Borg Queen”! I’m glad the transmitter has gotten so small, I just don’t get why they insist on making things (including the white pump infusion set) stand out so much. I think my main issue is going to be finding sites. I’m already nervous that I’ll only have limited places to put the CGMS. I have too many stretch marks around my hips, and I’m pear shaped so my waist doesn’t have enough fat. Maybe my thighs will work. I’ll be checking back in with all of you in a few weeks!

Hi Jaclyn, I have a 522 here is what I did to solve the sensor error and lost sensor. I put in a new sensor, connect the transmitter and tape it down. Then I wait about 2 or 3 hours before I enter new sensor into the 522. In about 15 min it asked for my BG and then everything seems normal. So far when doing that I have not got the alarms. They seem to be related to the sensor starting up. See if that helps. Also when disconnecting and putting your transmitter to charge wait a minute before plunging it to charge. When your going to re connect the transmitter and take it off the charger wait another minuter before you do so. Electronic stuff has a cycle if you will and the minuter delay allows for that.

Be well and be loved

I didn’t even realize the timing was like that. I’ve been assuming the two hours started when you told the pump to start a new sensor, not when you connect the transmitter. Very helpful, and I’m going to definitely try that next time!!

Love the Borg Queen, that’s good! XD

I’ve wondered a bit myself on the design of the sensor and transmitter! Though, then I look at the older version and am just thankful it’s not like that anymore. Haha. Hopeful one of these days it will look more natural.

I haven’t had the problem of the sensor not going in all the way yet (thank goodness), but I did get one spot on my stomach (too curved, and the transmitter wasn’t flush with my skin) where it would move in and out–also creepy, and the sensor didn’t last as long!

I have been using the sensors for a while and like you said when they work they are great but I know there were complaints of a few batches being bad. I put mine in a day ago it has not worked right yet granted when I took the needle out it bleed alot but I kept getting calibration error my doctor told me not to take it wait wait a few days so I am trying but let me tell you Thanksgiving night it kept me up all night check sensor, calibration error etc I got no sleep and when I put it it in it hurt as always and today it is ok l don’t get me wrong I think it is amazing and I am happy to have it but boy when it does not work and it is way off it can make you crazy. I just got a letter in the mail to turn the function off that automatically but the bolus in the your pump and only to add your sensor reading at a normal level they must have had alot of complaints it is funny when your sugar is to high or too low that to me at least is when you need the sensor the most…

That has to be super frustrating that it would cause problems Thanksgiving nights, of all nights you would want it to work well!

I agree about it making you crazy. In such a short time I’ve grown so attached to the results when it does work, that I lose my head when it doesn’t. I start checking with my meter every 20 minutes to see what’s going on. It’s turned me completely neurotic! XD

I got that card in the mail too. Though I’d first heard about it from my trainer weeks prior when I started CGM. Seems like such a huge oversight, I was amazed they were just sending something out about the issue now!

I’ve used the CGMS for nearly 2 years now, and I love it as well. As for the “sensor error” and “lost sensor” messages during the 2-hour wait period, that happens because the sensor hasn’t had time to “get wet” in its current position. During the past year or so, this has happened rather frequently for me. And I’ve talked with the Minimed reps numerous times about this. They’ve always explained that sometimes, there’s just not enough fluid around the sensor for it to start working. But within an extra hour or two, it eventually starts to operate as it should.

Recently, I heard someone suggest that a person should try inserting the new sensor before going to sleep and then waiting until the next morning to actually switch it on. By that time, the sensor should have had time to get “wet” enough. Only thing is, I’m sure that many of us rely on the sensor alarm as a wake-up, if the BG goes too low or too high. I do, for instance.

I occasionally get a little frustrated with the technical difficulties as well, but I can remember when we didn’t have CGMS or even home BG testing. I’ve had Type 1 for 40 years, and believe me, we’re so much better off now! The CGMS is an incredible life-saver, especially for those of us who have hypoglycemic unawareness.

I don’t do the overnight thing for the reasons you stated. I just put the new sensor in sometime during the early hours of the day but I don’t tell my pump it is in for 2 to 3 hours then I start the new sensor. Since doing it that way I don’t get the errors anymore. I hope this works for other people also.
Be loved

I’ve been doing this since you first mentioned it, and it’s worked brilliantly for me so far! I haven’t had any problems with errors since, where as before I would get them every time.

It definitely has minimized the time I go without readings. You’re awesome, Laura. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jaclyn and Laura, you both asked and answered all the questions I had about my new CCGMS.