Cgm cost

I’m just wondering what the total cost of having a cgm is? I currently have a Medtronic cgm, without a pump, but I’m looking to get a Dexcom. I know that a Dexcom needs a new transmitter every 3 months, but I’m not sure what the cost for those is. Also, what are the costs of sensors? Thanks for your help.

As always, it depends on your insurance. I recommend calling your insurance company to know for sure.

As an estimate, I paid $1,000 copay for my Dex (I believe that total cost might be $5,000, including a transmitter, but no sensors). A new transmitter might be covered, but if something happens to it, when I have replaced them, it has been $1,000 (That might be my insurance cap on durable hardware out of pocket). For sensors, I pay around $300 per box, that might last me a couple months, but it depends on how often you use them.

@Joan3, there are three components:

  • the transmitter. You need a new one every 3 months. It costs about $300 per.

  • the sensor. You are supposed to use one very 7 days, although many use theirs longer. They cost about $80 per.

  • the receiver. You can use it for a long time, several years. It lists for $600 but you can actually get it for less. But you do not need to have one – you could just use an iPhone as a receiver. That’s what we do. As a note, there are also Android options, but I don’t recommend them for reasons that are too long to get into here.

The prices above are what your insurance would likely count as the price of the item. What you actually pay will depend upon your insurance plan, of course.

[EDIT] Corrected typo on transmitter price. This applies to G5.

One way to cut back a little on Dexcom system CGM cost is to use the G4+Share version. G4 transmitters are under warranty for six months and often last 9-12 months. The G5 transmitters have a lifespan fixed in software. The G4 is just as accurate as the G5 and uses the same sensors.

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Is there a subscription plan in the States? They offer this in Canada, where if you sign a 12-month contract and buy 1 box of sensors every other month the G5 transmitters are $89/month and they give you a 7th box of sensors free. I consistently get 2 weeks out of a sensor and sometimes more, so 6 boxes is all I need for a year. Also, what is wrong with using Android? I didn’t buy a G5 receiver, but been using the G5 with my Samsung Galaxy S7 for a week now and haven’t had any issues.

@WestOfPecos - In terms of “Android options” - were you referring to the supported Dexcom App running on Android or were you referring to unofficial apps running on Android put out by parties other than Dexcom?


If you already have one of these phones available to you for this purpose, nothing.

But if you need to purchase a phone for the purpose, despite the fact that I am an Android man through, I would recommend getting an iPhone for the many reasons that cause Android platforms (outside of pure android) short lives and poor maintenance (it would take a long time to write up and I don’t have the time these next few days).

If you get the G4 which is just as good imo unless you want Bluetooth etc. you need a new transmitter every 6 months. But mine lasted longer. The G5 transmitter dies at not long past the battery warnings. The receiver dexcom told me recently can last 4-5 years but it will not be under warranty after 1-2 years. Both are about $5-600 out of pocket. Sensors are $195 I think out of pocket. Those can last for 3-4 weeks. But once they expire they’re useless. With ins a lot of this is covered depending on your ins.

Thanks for all of the information. I do have insurance, but I have a deductible, and then have to pay 20%, so I wanted all of the costs, so I can figure out my best option.

Here’s what I pay in the US in cash (my health insurance doesn’t cover T2s). These are all discounted because I use automatic orders.

  • Initial Kit (receiver + 1 box of sensors + 2 transmitters): $1500
  • Sensors: $300 for a box of 4
  • Transmitters: Free as long as I buy 9 boxes of sensors a year, otherwise $300 each.