Price question

So i went through a company called Pumpsit for my Dexcom and they wanted to do it with my pump too and i saw the price different for the pump itself and the monthly supplies and going through animas directly was alot cheaper… So right now i pay about $210 for a 3 months supply of sensors im just curious what the average price is for them and also if going through Dexcom if it would be any cheaper or am i better off just sticking with this company??? Im sure if i wanted to go through dexcom directly i could though might take a few days


I’m not quite sure what you are asking about, but I can tell you I pay out of pocket for my Dexcom sensors and they cost me $290 for a box of 4 sensors. Each of the Dexcom sensors I try to use as long as I can get good readings from them. A new Dexcom receiver will cost $699 and a new transmitter will also cost $699. This is the information I was given when I talked with the people at Dexcom yesterday. I don’t know if these prices are the same for someone with insurance. I don’t have insurance for my CGMS so I have to pay out of pocket if I want to continue using one. Hope this helps you a little.

I will receive my first shipment on wednesday. I have a 20% copay and was told t
My cost would be about $327 for the starter package of transmitter, receiver and 1 month of sensors and then about $80 a month. Will let you know more once I get the bill.

Mine are 80 per month