CGMS is making headway in Canada

Now all we have to do is convince Health Canada that CGMS should be funded through our Assistive Devices Program (ADP.

I have started a facebook group and from there we can move forward with letters and petitions so that the Canadian Government can see that CGMS is an important part of living a full, healthy and productive life with diabetes. Please help me.

Maybe a big component of this is that private insurers in Canada - Manulife, sun life etc need to start covering it too. After all those companies save money on pumps and supplies because of ADP. Maybe they need to step up and cover CGMS.

I know lots of ppl with private insurance in Canada who’s plan covers no CGMS.

Except that not all provinces have an ADP. In fact, I think that most don't. We don't have one here in BC. I wish we did! It would cover assistive technology I use for my visual impairment, which is very expensive and not covered under any regular health care plans, private or public. I think getting a program like that in each province is the first challenge, never mind CGMs ...

I am planning on getting the Dexcom and/or Vibe as soon as it comes to Canada. I'll apply for coverage through my work benefits, but I don't expect them to cover it.

A big key is to show the data in black and white, that a CGMS does assist greatly in better management of diabetes.

I had an option to get into the Animas pilot project so I could order a G4 early. The wife's health plan says that it will cover durable medical devices and lists blood glucose monitors as an example. The healthcare provider flatly told me that CGMs are not included. Stuck with a difficult and expensive problem I opted to drop nearly $2k of my own hard-earned money on the G4 anyway. $2k now is a good investment for remaining in good health. The only recourse I may have is to get a letter from my doctor stating that the device is medically necessary and try to fight for coverage. Quebec has no CGM coverage.