CGM Glucose "Clock"

I saw this device reviewed in a vlog and was really impressed. It is a small device, like nightstand clock that gets CGM readings. I think this would be useful to parents of T1D children. I have no affiliation or connection to the seller.

The link to the seller is here: CustomTypeOne –


This is something I will seriously consider for my nightstand and next to my computer at the office. I periodically have 60 to 90-minute Skype meetings and have a small snack if I am a little low before the meeting. Then, with a focus on meeting, I don’t realize my blood sugar is rising faster and higher than planned. This next to my computer display, could be very helpful to help avoid unintentional high BG readings.

That looks like fun. Its a box with a ESP32 CPU and a WS2812 pixel array. Requiring entering your dexcom account password into the device is terrible security but as long as it stays on device I might not care. When I have money I’d like to try one.

I ordered one to test it and will report the good, bad and ugly. If it works well, I plan to buy 3 more so they are all in my usual haunts.

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By my reading, this requires Dexcom Clarity, which leaves out those of us using xdrip+ with direct access from watch and phone. So this wouldn’t work for me.

On the other hand, my BG is always immediately visible on my Sony wristwatch, even when I don’t have my phone nearby, so I have no need for display on this or any other black box.


Good point. I too get my readings from xdrip on my galaxy watch, but it might be nice to have on the bedstand so I don’t have to put my glasses on to see the watch. I suggest you send them a question of whether it would work with xdrip. My impression is that it would work with xdrip.

One of the many things I like about my xdrip watch face is that the time and BG are big enough for me to easily read without glasses. I won’t contact them since this box, although a cute idea, is really of no use to me because of my watch, which remains connected even when I leave my phone at home. Driving, exercising, zoom calls, movies, etc. - I always know my BG at a glance.

And according to the documentation on the site you linked to, when used with Dexcom, this box requires a Clarity account with sharing enabled:

But if you want to buy one, it would certainly be worth clarifying first.

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I like the idea of having something like this by my bed so I can just roll over and look at it at night (during the day I look at my watch). My question is, when I’m away from home is my phone using cellular data to keep sending numbers back to this clock and is it potentially alarming? Or, can you allow Clarity only to share data when you’re on home WiFi?

Another option is a watch that can vibrate or sound for alerts you set. I use a fitbit versa with xDrip, and get alerts that vibrate and wake me up or alert during day without disturbing others.

I have that (vibrate) with my Google Pixel Watch 2, which ties directly to the Dexcom G6/G7. (No xDrip or other third-party app required). The problem is that I feel it is inappropriate to look at my watch during a meeting with others, but I do not have an issue stealing a glance at a clock display. At night, I find it difficult to wake up and focus on my watch without my glasses, but this clock display will be big enough to mitigate that issue.

I received my SugarPixel clock today and it was a breeze to set up. Too early for a review but here is the manual that will answer a lot of questions that may be asked and a few pics.

I have ordered two more, one for my home office and one for my bedroom so should have a reasonable amount of experience with these soon.


Mine is arriving this week. I tired of my watch not matching the meter reading’s

This clock will sync with your CGM, not with your meter. There are two kinds of watches. Watches that sync with your CGM data and will show the identical results as your CGM data with a maximum of 5-minute time difference, and cheap watches that have an infrared sensor that claims they can noninvasively read your blood sugar and those readings are mostly garbage and will rarely match either fingerstick or CGM data.

Your new clock should arrive promptly by USPS. I love mine, and ordered two more, expected to arrive on Tuesday. The delivery on these appears to be less than one week from the time of order.

Seems cool. Do you turn it off when you leave your house? Does it show your BG/have alarms while you’re away?

I do not turn mine off at any time. It just stays plugged in live and keeps getting and displaying the data from wifi regardless if I am around or not.

I use Wearable Widgets to send the xDrip widget to my Galaxy Watch 4 and set as the 2nd tile. I can just click the bezel one notch clockwise, or swipe left, and see my current bG and graph, full screen. I like my current watch face and don’t want to change. There are Wear apps that display info from xDrip and other apps. I have not tried then. The free version of Wearablw Widgets only allows one widget. If I want to use some other widget on my watch, I’ll look at these other apps.

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Ok. It came yesterday. It was easy to set up blue tooth and WiFi. Had part was choose the display I wanted To change display you have to rest the clock as it remembers each thing you choose. How evere even thought it appeared to work well durning the day . After bed it would go off line 30-45 minutes even though my reciever and phone didn’t loose data. READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS DUMMY IT NEED S TO HAVE SHARE TURNED ON. I have always share on for my wife big it kept going off line.
Had to make a share account for myself. For this to work properly there were a lot setting that need to be toggled under screen time and phone in settings. For 6 hours now it’s been update every minute

The big return is when it alarms at night if I go below 90mg/dl

I set mine up at the office and did not set up share. Each time I return to my office, minutes, hours, or days later, the display reads the same as my watch and phone. Mine, like my watch, updates every 5 minutes, most likely because I am not using share. I will receive a couple more of these within the next couple of days and check out the various options. I will also see if I can tether through my phone and have one in my car.

I was able to run without share when I was running a G6 and a G7 parallel, but once I went to the G7 exclusively, the share was required and I just shared to myself at my email address.


I have received a couple more of these “Clocks” today and installed one in my bedroom and one in my car. I expect the car display to be really helpful as with all the driving distractions, I find it always challenging to follow my blood sugar while driving. My car has built-in wifi, but I tethered it to my mobile phone instead to make it easier to move from one car to another car or to another location or use. Maybe I am a little addicted to these or obsessed but after turning 75 and still working full time I find a lot of these simple technologies really do enhance my quality of life.

Well it worked. Woke up a 0200 BS 170. Woke up again at 0430. BS was 120. 0600 was awaken by the horrible noise. An Alarm . BS was 70. Have now reset my low alarm to 90 at night and 80 durning day

I have no idea what it does when outside of my home WiFi range. All I know is the that when I walk in to the , down the hall it as synced with my phone. I have noted an issue , down know if it’s a Devcom Follow issue (per Sugar Pixel) you have to have Fallow also installed on your-one and your “sharing results with yourself. Or it may be a WiFi issue. I have noted at night and only at night I wake up and it says NODATA. I have to turn the phone on , turn on the Dexcom app and do a manual share then go to fallow. How ever I’ve noted when my phone shuts itself down. And I turn it on it take a moment for the WiFi to come on line. I’m thinking at night when nothing else is going on with the phone I loose WiFi.
Other the that the Very irritating alarm does wake me. Where the Loudest Dexcom alarm wouldn’t