CGM sensors and expiration dates

What has been your experience with using sensors after their expiration date? -Sometimes works, never works? Any patterns? Unfortunately, I have several sensors that have expired. I’ve kept them in the refrigerator, but I have no idea how reliable they are at this point.
I’d like to hear what other people are doing in this situation.

The one I’m currently using expired in October last year. This one has been as accurate as all the others I have worn. So no problems for me. Most people don’t have any problems at all. But remember, everyone is different too. Just know, that if you start to have problems with the sensor, don’t call MM. They won’t help you if you’re using an expired sensor.

i been using mm sensor expired july of last year. also i used dexcom sensor after the expiration date. had know problem.

I use expired sensors all the time with no less accurate readings. Oct-Nove,2010. Many of my cohorts do as well with equal results.
Good luck…

In October of 2010 I used MM sensors that had an expiration date of 2008. I did it because I was just re-starting using the CGM (I didn’t like it the first time) and I just couldn’t wait for the new shipment of sensors to come in!! And because they were expired, I checked them a lot with fingersticks, and they were as good as any MM sensors ever are. Which means they sometimes give wildly inaccurate readings, but are usually in the ballpark. And if a reading doesn’t make sense, you can always check by fingerstick. So I like the CGM this time around.

I was told that the expiration date has to do with sterility and not accuracy. Take it with a grain of salt, since it was an end user and not a professional who told me this.

Thanks, everyone, for your quick replies. I was encouraged to go ahead and give these sensors a try. (only thing to lose was some time. ) However, I keep getting “sensor reading invalid” alerts. Any suggestions? I’ve also gotten a few “lost sensor” alarms. I have no idea if this is related or not to the sensor being past the exp. date, but sounds like it’s not related, from people’s comments…

I haven’t yet as I just started on the sensor, but I’ve been concerned. MM sent me a three-month batch of sensors (based on a 3-day usage period each) which expire in precisely 3-months. Except for the rookie-mistakes in insertion, I expect to use them much longer than that.

Why do you leave them in the refrigerator? I’d think the humidity and possible condensation would shorten their lifespan. It’s not like insulin. It’s probably best to leave them at room temperature. (Then again, I have mine in the bathroom, probably not so good for the same humidity reasons!) This might have to do with the alerts you’re getting.

Sarah, as I went to throw out an empty box of sensors, I saw an orange paper insert that reads “Due to a printing error, the sensor pouch label shows an incorrect temperature range. Please store your sensors according to your user guide and box label.” The minimum temp is +36 degrees F. I saw the pouch incorrectly said -36 degrees. You might be storing them in a too-cold environment.