Use expired Medtronic sensors?

Has anyone used expired Medtronic sensors? I have a couple of boxes that have been in my fridge since July, and the expiration date on them in January 08 (I got frustrated with the CGM and gave up not long after I got it). I would now like to use one for an upcoming race, though. Has anyone used expired sensors before?
Thanks in advance for your feedback!!

Just out of curiosity...
Did it end up working?

I haven't since, for a long time, BCBS would only approve one box at time so I'd use them and get new ones. They seem to have switched recently so I will have the opportunity to have more laying around?

I have used them a couple of months past their expiration date and they work fine. My prescription is for 1 sensor every 3 days and since I wear them for 6 days I end up with extra and they always expire before I use them all. So far all have worked, but like I said they were only a couple of months out of date. Occasionally I have had one of these where the green light did not blink after connecting so I just replaced it.

It cant hurt to try them. Worst case is that they will not calibrate or calibration will fail soon after. I have not had any expire yet because I have only had my CGM for 6 moths, but I had a DEXCOM years ago and I used a sensor that was one year old and it still was just fine,

I don't refrigerate my sensors because I can't figure out what good it would do,

I have used MM CGM sensors up to 3-4 months after expiration with pretty good results. Some sensors did not last for the 6 days I intended to use them (not that unexpired sensors always make it that long). I also had a sensor that within a day after insertion was not functioning correctly. I called MM tech support and they agreed it was malfunctioning, but would not reissue me a new sensor since it expired.

My Insurance makes me bye 3 moths on all supplies. I often run 2-4 months expired and have not had a problem. I extend the life to 2 cycles most of the time so I only need 2-3 orders per year.

Storage is key. I keep mine in a very cool closet on the interior of my house and so I do not have extremes n temp effecting them.

I just switched to ordering my supplies thru SOLARA Medical due to the delay problems and communications with Medtronics.

I have used expired sensors, but only when they have been 6 months or less. They seem to work fine. I, too, became frustrated with first using the GCM and did not use it for a year. After learning what I was doing wrong as far as inserting the thing (and that was from a Medtronic nurse who also has diabetes and used a GCM) I started using it again and ordered new sensors, which I had no trouble doing with my insurance company. You MIGHT try the older sensors and see how they work. If you see right away, that they are clearly far from close to your finger sticks, dump them and start with the fresh ones. GOOD LUCK.

Thanks for your reply, Donna. I gave up on the Medtronic sensors a long time ago and have been using the Dexcom. This past fall I got the Dex G4 and I love it!! The readings are SO accurate and the adhesive doesn't bother my skin like the medtronic one did. I'm participating in an artificial pancreas study at UVA and the study requires me to wear it so I'm really attached to it. :) Anyway, thanks for the well wishes! Hope you have a great weekend,