just when on medtronic revel pump with real time system.this is better than have one device to weare.when you do you blood testing goes to pump.and his you do update you reader.on cmc.

Daniel, I am not clear on your message. I get the smaller number of devices Medtronic system 1) pump, 2) meter, and three CGM sensor. While Dexcom has 1) pump, 2) meter, 3) receiver, and 4 sensor. ???

I would bet that it is nice to not have to carry around the extra receiver. I chose Dex because of the longer life of the sensors, the smaller sensor wire, and greater accuracy that it seems to have based on conversations I read here at TuD. Also, I really like my Ping pump and wasn’t willing to give it up. Each system has pros and cons. I’m glad you found a system that works well for you.

While I am sure the Medtronic system has some advantages, the disadvantages (for me) of 1 finger stick every 12 hours required (and before a correction bolus can be given) and only the 3 and 24 hour trend data would keep me away. Dex is definitely the better system for my needs.

Carrying one device is nice. I’ve used the Revel with cgms too. The Revel is a great pump, no doubt about it. We are now using the Decom 7+ instead of the MM cgms, Dex is a much better fit for us. I’m glad you found what works for you!