I have grown to love my Dexcom CGM. But now I am starting for the first time on a Medtronic Minimed Pump. I do not know whether to keep the Dexcom and use it along with the pump, or go ahead and order the Minimed that has a CGM built in…

So confused.

most people like dex better. suggest you try the MM out for free for a week.

If you can, I would trial the MM CGMS before you commit to buying it. I use the Dexcom 7+ with my Minimed. My Endo, also Type 1, uses the Medtronic with the Dex as well. My CDE, same thing, Minimed with Dex. My Endo says it is almost 5 to 1 in regards to the number of Dex users he sees compared to MM. Some have very good luck with the MM CGMS, others not so much.

This is the easiest question you've ever faced. Do NOT, under any circumstances, give up the Dexcom for the built-in Revel CGM. It's like downgrading yourself from a BluRay to a VCR. No joke. I went in the other direction - from the built-in to the Dexcom - and it was like night and day.

Honestly, I wouldn't even go to the trouble of trying the Medtronic CGM. It's nowhere near as good.

This is great info..I appreciate everyones advice. Dexter is the bombdigity. I am just not quite sure where to hide everything.