I received my CGMS today. Insurance paid for 90% of it, so I am only paying $99 out of pocket. That is wonderful! I called to make an appointment for training, but the lady was out. I am hoping for a phone call tomorrow. I am excited. :slight_smile:

Good Luck , Cara. I hope you enjoy your new monitoring system . Just remeber it doesnt replace fingersticks and is not accurate all the time . I Love mine it does help me track highs and lows It took me a few mths to accually get use to it and to know when is the best time to calibrate to get the best results . Be patient and im sure you will love it .

Update: My appointment for training is February 12th at 1:30. So by this time next week, I will be hooked up!

what insurance do you have? I just sent in 15 pages of appeals to Aetna.

BCBS of TN. Minimed helped me out in getting it. You should try to get ahold of your Minimed Rep. My doctor’s office contacted MiniMed and they called me to get the information they needed, put the packet together, and sent it back to my doctor’s office to be sent to the insurance company.

Cara, that’s great news! I’m in the process of getting a cgms from mm…just waiting for the paperwork to go through my insurance. I also have bcbs and live in tn so now i have my fingers crossed that they’ll cover mine too.

My insurance said they wouldn’t cover it, but I went ahead and got the Dexcom anyway. Dexcom filed a claim with them anyway, and to my surprise, they are paying for the supplies at 80%. They just didn’t share that with me when I called. The lady taking my call had no idea what a cgm was. So you might ask your insurance if they’ll cover the supplies regardless. Good luck!