CGMS and lowering A1C

I began using my CGMS in April with an a1c of 7.6. I checked in July and was 7.1. My October value was 6.4 Yippeeeee! I directly attribute this to the feedback I get and the ability to fine tune my insulin delivery and correct when needed even if I am only 136. I started using the Omnipod in June and have found it to be the easiest system I have used. I am an old MM user and a Cozmo user as well and love my combo CGMS and Opod. I can’t wait until the systems are integrated hopefully soon. Here’s to lowering the a1c with CGMS for all.

Congratulations Paula. I could not agree with you more. CGMS has been like my life saver device. I have hypo unawareness and my “trend” feature is very helpful. My previous A1C was 7.3 and my most recent was 6.3. I could not have been happier. :slight_smile:
I wish you much success on this journey we all are traveling. Good luck Paula.

I started my CGMS at the beginning of September, my July A1C was 7.2, my October A1C was 6.4. Anyone who says these things don’t work hasn’t seen the current generation of CGMS’s. I too am looking forward to the Omnipod / CGMS integration as I feel it will really firm up all the connections between eating, insulin intake, and blood sugars.

Which CGMS do you have? Is it a dexcom or minimed?

I’m on a dexcom. Both Dex and Navigator are supposed to be integrating with Omnipod (Dex sometime in the next year, Nav shortly after that.) Minimed CGMS is, naturally, integrated with the mini-med pump. I did a trial with the guardian and it wasn’t anywhere near my sugars (read 130 when I nearly passed out, after eating I was 50!). Dex is almost more accurate than my meter and looking to integrate with my OPod. Navigator doesn’t really have a trial and was really slow to contact me back, I figured if they weren’t going to try to sell me their product I didn’t want to try and get support for it. Dex has been great in the last month both number wise and customer support when I couldn’t figure the software out. I love it!

I have to agree with this 100%!! I have forever had an a1c of 8, 9, 10+. I have been using the cmgs for the past year and each a1c has been 6.3! it is my little babysitter in a way, my readings are so much better when I wear it. Besides the extra “sticking” myself, I think this is wonderful!!

All you people who have seen a drastic decrease in A1c since starting the sensor -
I would highly suggest you write a short letter to your insurance company highlighting this. If they see that a lot of people with drastically lower A1cs, and they can directly link it to the CGM, they will be more likely to authorize CGMs and sensors for more patients

I agree with you totally Paula I started on a pump a year ago after few months A1C was 7. Now using the CGMS I am at 6.6. I am using the MM paradigm and their sensor system. I too cant wait till they are integrated. I know now that with the assistance of the sensor I can use data and have already set up pattern for different basal rates at different times for optimal glucose levels 24 hours a day. I suspect my next A1C will be even lower.