Adding CGM to the Omnipod


I just started using the Omnipod back in July and now am looking at CGM and wondering which one would be best for me. I was wondering what CGM you have and how you like it. I’m in the pros and cons phase so all input is appreciated.


Today I am adding an Omnipod to my Dexcom! I love my Dexcom. I highly suggest it especially if you are on the omnipod. Someday (soon we keep hearing) they will be integrated.

I also use Dex with my oPod. I love them both and recommend them together :slight_smile:

Same as the above. I can’t wait until they combine the two so I only have to carry around one controller. I like how I can wear the Dex for 2 weeks and I also like that it has never caused me pain or irritation at the site. And it’s pretty accurate.

I would suggest the Navigator because I find it superior to the Dexcom, BUT Navigators are in a manufacturing freeze and recommending that new customers choose Dexcom over them for now. And Omnipod is getting ready to release an integrated Dexcom/Omnipod system in the next few years, so I’d choose Dex.

I’ve been using Dexcom and love it. I’ve also heard talk about Omnipod and Dex CGM eventually coming together, that was one reason I wnet with Dexcom. But all is done, our new insurance covers neither the Omnipod nor CGM. Enjoy!

I, too, am finally adding an Omnipod to my Dexcom!!! I have had the Dexcom for just over a year and a half and it is a lifesaver… I can’t speak to the other CGM’s as I have not tried them (I did try the Glucowatch a few years ago, apparently I’m one of the 10 people in the world who bought that thing since they went bankrupt instantly… but I digress).

I did, however, read the fine print and look at the statistical accuracy of the Dex vs the Minimed and found that it is at least 10% more accurate (even more so for low sugars).

I have zero complaints about the Dexcom. It is simply awesome. Get it! Now, I’m hoping the Omnipod works out as well as the Dex has!

I have both the Navigator and the Dexcom (yes I know that seems strange that I have both of them but by a strange twist of fate it just worked out that way). But I have to say after using both of them I prefer the Dexcom. I’ve had a lot less problems with the Dex than I have the Nav. The waiting period on the Dex is only 2 hours and there are times when that really makes a difference.

And if your going to try and get the most mileage out of each sensor the Dex is MUCH easier to restart. I know MelissaBl is an expert at getting hers restarted (she even has a youTube video) but for me it is impossible to do without someone’s help. I prefer to handle both my pump and my CGM by myself and since I wear my sensor in my arm it takes more hands than I have.

I use both OmniPod and Dexcom 7 Plus. The story I keep hearing is that OmniPod and Dexcom are going to integrate. When has been a topic of conversation for quite some time. I’m a huge booster for the Dexcom 7. :slight_smile: The Dexcom is usually accurate more often than not. Wearing the sensor for a whole 7 days (plus from what I understand others can get out of it) is a great convenience. Sensor insertion is a piece of cake and isn’t uncomfortable at all.

I am having a hard time with Dexcom catching my lows. I woke up at 4 this morning with a BG of 37 and the Dexcom never sounded an alarm. I got the thing because I was hypo unaware. When you are 80 that 20% can mean 60 and that causes me some problems. I love the Dexcom and I wouldn’t switch for all the tea in China, but I really wish it could catch up with my lower blood sugars. I’m really looking forward to the next generation of sensor.

one thing I pretty much always do is wear the sensors near my stomach, and I usually make sure to calibrate just before going to bed, even if it isn’t asking for a calibration… and I have never had it miss a low. Hope that helps

Yikes, glad you are ok Pete.

I started on a Dex 7+ about 3 months before going on the Omnipod. I love it and would definitely recommend it, with a couple of precautions about inaccuracy at times, and difficulty keeping up with rapidly changing BGs.

This used to be an interesting decision when the Navigator was still around. Now it is a nobrainer.

My thinking exactly!

Is the Dex reading incorrectly for the lows or just not alarming? I had trouble hearing the Dex alarm in the middle of the night, so I started putting it under my pillow so the vibrations would wake me up (although this still doesn’t work 100% of the time).

I agree with everyone above … Dex is the only way to go right now. I’ve been on the Dex for since August and love it. Go into it knowing there will be frustrations, inaccuracies, and the occasional sensor error (it is technology after all), but the goods outweigh the bads and there is a great peace of mind knowing what your blood sugar is doing (trends) in between finger checks.

I delayed getting the Dex thinking an integration was in the near future … now with possible delays in integration (because of FDA stuff), I am so glad I went ahead and got it back in August. It is a great tool that I think you’d enjoy!

Hey everybody, Are you annoyed as well about the Omnipod./Dexcom deal not coming together. It has been on the books as an agreement now for 2 years. Let’s go Duane Desisto, let’s get it done! Maybe an Omnipod rep reading this could tell us the REAL date it is actually coming out?

I also was tempted to wait for the integration which was just around the corner. This was 1.5 years ago. I am so glad that I did not wait.

I know the MiniMed Guardian RT, but I’ve also heard good things about the DexCom.