CGMS. exhaustion and excitement

I went to see my endo on Monday, who tweaked my basal rates slightly in order to assuage some of those darn lows. She also set me up with a temporary one-time continuous glucose monitor system. Chris from Minimed came to the Gordon house during my lunch break yesterday and there, in the workspace (ie kitchen) of the only Frank Lloyd Wright designed house in Oregon, I stuck another helpful needle into my belly. I’ll wear it until the weekend and then I’ll put the thick quarter sized sensor back in a fed ex envelope and ship it away from me.

I wait for the follow up response to the appeal I sent in about two weeks ago. My case worker sent a letter saying I’d hear from them within 14 calendar days. Being the person I am, I take the presence of the actual CGMS on my bod as an auspicious sigh. The graph on my pump shows the little line - steady with a little bump - throughout the night. Too bad Daisy barked up a storm at 1 am, or i could have slept a whole 6 hours straight. I bet she scared away the deer anyway or intruder or cat or…

Jane Goodall wrote a cool book called Reason for Hope. I may finish listening to it on the drive to work today. She has faith and tells a great story.