My endo’s office called me today stating my insurance company contacted them to obtain a month’s worth of bloodsugar readings documenting my hypoglycemic episodes and to state that I have hypoglycemic unawareness. Finally my insurance company is responding to my appeal for the CGMS.



Thats great news , Karen ! You could be starting the new year off with one . I just had my labs done and I finally got a A1c under 7 I was so happy . I have stuggled with it for so long . The CGMS has really helped me in correcting my highs . I still feel my low so thats not a problem .

I hope you here more soon .

Good Luck


Congratulations! I hope you’ll have your CGMS soon. Please keep us posted.

Yes! I’m so happy for you! I know how long and hard we have both been working on this…I’m pumped at your success and plan to (finally!!) send out my 3rd appeal tomorrow. Graduate school basically consumes me, so although I’ve been gathering support materials, I have had a lick of time to send it in yet. The term ended today:D - so before the holidays really get rollin’, I’m going to ask the big Santa in the insurance world for one good gift. Wish me luck! I’m eager as can be…

Last week I called my insurance company to check to see if they got what they wanted from my endo, which I supplied to my endo two days after my endo called me, which was my download of my bgs meter. This is along with my appeal letter and 40 page fax documenting the CGMS already supplied to the insurance company starting back in September.

Today my insurance company called me back and left me a message which just left me sooooo, can’t think of a good word, dumbfounded (pissed), she stated she had the results of the medical review and am I sure I was not looking for an insulin pump replacement, OMG?!?

How did they get documentation on a CGM and sensors to mean an insulin pump replacement. Now I am back to phone tag again. What a bunch of crap.

Got another call from my call back today and she left this voicemail that she had good news that my CGMS (and used the proper terminology, not pump upgrade) had been approved, WTF.

I called her back and finally talked to her and she said there was some mix-up in the wording of my request from the endo, whatever, more crap, but woohoo for me, I am approved and I gave her the number of Medtronics.

I will call Medtronics tomorrow to see if they got the call.

Finally, I think.


Have heard nothing futher on my CGM saga, but tonight Molly from Medtronics emailed me, stating that the insurance lady called her and Molly has called back twice and has left voicemails and no call back from my insurance lady, surprise, surprise.

What I am most impressed with is that Molly seeked out my email address from I can’t remember what paperwork and emailed me. :slight_smile:

Also last I talked to Molly she was using the CGMS for the first time, she is diabetic also.

Hmmmm, I wonder if she is a member here?!?! :wink:

Medtronics finally talked to my insurance company today and delivery is Saturday and insurance coverage is 100%, woohoo!!!