Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Recently, I got a call from Medtronic Minimed directly to say they were going to be handling my CGM Appeals.

(GINA NOTE: I was denied 3 times and on the third denial I was also laid off from my job so I couldn’t pursue further.

I went onto my husbands plan right after I got laid off. The next day I called up my CDE to tell her my insurance would be changing and that it was still the same insurance that I had previously but a higher up plan than what I had. (Did that make sense to you?) Anyway, she said that she was going to call up the Minimed Rep that she deals with to find out how to move forward.)

Yesterday, I had a message on my phone when I got out of the subway from another Minimed Rep telling me that she was putting in the request for my CGM sensors and supples and for me to call her back because she had to ask me some questions. She left on the message that she would be there till 630pm Est. and it was already 615pm I tried to call but she wasn’t answering so I left a message.

Now, I will have to wait till Monday to find out if that call was because I was approved, or if she wanted to just ask me a question. I am going crazy with anticipation here.

Keep your fingers crossed I will keep you posted!!!

By the way the CGM Anti-Denial Petition to be sent to all major insurance companies is over 2300 if you haven’t signed it please do so!

Good luck Gina,I am sure if you and brave people like you are determined to change things for the better,sure they will do.


I hope so ! Its been almost a year of fighting insurance.

my good wishes are with u-----

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! the CGM has helped to change my life tremendously and I’ve only had it since June of this year. Let us know!


Good luck!!

Good luck,Gina…let us know what transpires on Monday.

Just for you Gina ! Ive crossed my toes too ! :slight_smile:

Did you hear,yet?


Have you heard anything yet??? I’m all excited and it’s not even for me…

Yes, I heard something. The rep called me today and she said she submitted all of the paper work and that Aetna signed a contract with MM and that I should be approved and I will know in two weeks!!!

Yeppie! I know it’s going to work out for you.

lets hope 4th time is the charm lol

it will be:)

Good luck, Amiga!!!


I can relate!! You are not alone in the lengthy fight! I support you and wish you all the best. My very own CGMS keeps telling me I’m low. I really must oblige it, test and have a post-dinner snack, I just wanted to let you know you’re in my thoughts.